Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – All Tomes Locations Guide

Want more XP in Warhammer: Vermintide 2? Then you’re going to want to collect all three tomes in each mission. Every map contains three tomes, and the more you bring with you to the end of the level, the more XP you’ll get. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to carrying tomes — you’ll have to sacrifice healing items to grab tomes.

Tomes takes up the Healing Item slot in your inventory. Tomes can be dropped and picked back up, so if you find a healing potion and want to use it, just drop the tome on the ground, drink up and heal, then pick that tome back up again. You can carry up to three in the same slot, and they’re all pretty well hidden. Hence, here are all the tome locations.

All Tomes Locations Guide

NOTE: There are two types of collectibles in Vermintide 2 — Tomes and Grimoires. For help finding the other type of collectible, check out the grimoire locations guide here.

Act 1.1 – Righteous Stand

  • Tome #1: Franz Erikson Platz – Look on the wooden cart to the left before using the plank ramps to reach the statue plaza.
  • Tome #2: Southern Axe Bite Garrison – Enter the tower on the wall and go up to the upper floor. From the wooden upper floor, you can drop down to a previously unreachable corner below and grab the second tome.
  • Tome #3: Heldenhammer Terrace – On the path to the temple, there’s a bunch of bushes to the left — go explore them. There’s a secret cave behind the bushes with the last tome.

Act 1.2 – Convocation of Decay

  • Tome #1: Temple Hospice – Easy enough to find. It’s on a bunk bed, to your left as you enter the hospice hall.
  • Tome #2: Garrison Sewers – While exploring the sewers, stick to the left wall. You’ll enter a room with a table, near some candles, pressed into a column. Smash the crates to reveal a hidden tome.
  • Tome #3: Carlomant’s Memorium – Look behind the memorial statue in the underground tomb.

Act 1.3 – Hunger in the Dark

  • Tome #1: The Backfill – Stick to the left-ish side, going through a tunnel on the left side that leads to a cave. Next to the water, there’s a tome on the ground.
  • Tome #2: The Transfer – Deep in the mines, follow the minecart on the tracks. Just as you enter the Transfer area, look left. There’s a crate containing the second tome.
  • Tome #3: The Old Troll Grounds – Dropping into the area, follow the left wall to a tall rock platform with a barrel along the right wall. The tome is at the top of the two rock “platforms” — jump to the right platform with the barrel using the dirt pile, then jump onto the taller step from the right platform.

Act 1.4 – Halescourge

  • Tome #1: von Mackensen Strasse – Look down from the high ledge and spot two stone arches. Hop down from the arches and crawl through the busted wall to locate the tome.
  • Tome #2: Merchant District – Leaving the old house ruins, turn left and look for a path back behind the house, leading you into the Schneewasser Strasse zone. The tome is in a boat, down from a ladder.
  • Tome #3: Merchant District – After the landslide appears, look on the edge for a small tower. Go inside to get the last tome for this scenario.

Act 2.1 – Athel Yenlui

  • Tome #1: Old Grisbaum Wilds – As you enter this area, stick to the right side. Continue until you find a hollow tree trunk, leading into another copse on the right side. There’s a crate in the center of this area with the tome inside.
  • Tome #2: Old Grisbaum Wilds – In the same forest area with the huge trees, you’ll eventually encounter red banners. Don’t follow them. Instead, go to the right edge of the area from the entrance. There’s a crate with a second tome.
  • Tome #3: Athel Yenlui – In the elven ruins, look for a fallen section of stone forming a ramp. At the top of the ramp, turn right and hop over, then jump through the debris to find the last tome at the end of this dead end path.

Act 2.2 – The Screaming Bell

  • Tome #1: Milizengrube – Follow the standard mission path down the burning streets to reach a larger house with two floors. The tome is on the first floor roof to the left of the entrance doors. Go to the upper floor balcony and jump down along the exterior ledges to reach the roof with the tome.
  • Tome #2: Spucknapf Market – This one is tricky. In the market, climb the ladder to reach scaffolding along a high bridge. Jump from one wooden platform to the next, using the stone bricks or steps jutting from the bridge archs for extra platforms. At the end of this path, at the end of the bridge, you’ll find a tome.
  • Tome #3: von Bisschenbesser Strasse – At the road that ramps and curves around a corner building, go through the alley and hop over to the ledge to reach this tome.


Act 2.3 – Fort Brachsenbrucke

  • Tome #1: Brachsenbrucke, Vorbergland – At the covered bridge building, look left. The tome is on the ledge, behind a jutting rock formation.
  • Tome #2: Eilhart Road – From the destroyed bridge, use the high ledge to jump across the tops of the trailers, leading to a previously-unreachable rocky ledge with the second tome.
  • Tome #3: Old Fort Armoury – On the way out of the tunnel in the normal mission path, look right — the tome is on the ground, around the corner.

Act 2.4 – Into The Nest

  • Tome #1: Gorog Drin – On the main mission path, as you exit a stone building, look for a broken balcony railing. Jump over the railing to a ledge that leads down to a bridge, connected to a tower with the first tome.
  • Tome #2: Kuchungkuchung – In this area, you’ll have to pull a lever to continue. Before you do, drop down to the ledge beneath the lever platform and look behind the tower to find this tome.
  • Tome #3: Kron Khaz – Reach the elevated platforms and scaffolding in the chamber filled with sunlight and greenery. Jump along the upper path and continue forward toward a mine cart, near a dwarf head stone carving.

Act 3.1 – Against the Grain

  • Tome #1: Knopfspiel Mill – Through the barn, use the wooden fence to reach the small rooftop out front of the mill. There’s a tome above the door.
  • Tome #2: Holzfrucht’s Orchard – Enter the barn and climb a ladder to the second floor. From there, go to the opening above the entrance door and jump to the small wooden awning. The tome is right there, on top.
  • Tome #3: Sog-Mire Plot – Past the barn, stick to the left side of the forest. Go through the broken section of fence and look in the stream. There’s a tome in the water, on the opposite side.

Act 3.2 – Empire in Flames

  • Tome #1: Nordenstadt – Leaving the house and dropping onto the ruined street, turn right and take the next right around the corner. Hop over the short wall and into the house. The tome is in the back right corner, near a treasure chest.
  • Tome #2: Elba Durbein’s Cellar – Near the end of the cellar area, look in the flooded room for a hole in the wall. Jump inside to find the tome.
  • Tome #3: Althafen – Look for a destroyed house with a ramp inside. Use the ramp to jump onto the wall, and continue to a room on the left. Drop down inside. The tome is on the desk.

Act 3.3 – Festering Ground

  • Tome #1: Frauke Footbridge – At the bridge, climb the ladder to the right. Follow the path around until you reach the other end of the bridge — you’ll need to jump from the right side to the left side, right over the bridge exit. The tome is on the other side — bring a Speed Potion to make this easier.
  • Tome #2: Buckhorn Gorge – Stay on the upper wooden scaffolding past the second bridge. Follow it to a dead end, then drop down to a platform you can only reach from above. The second tome is there.
  • Tome #3: Forsaken Chapel – Follow the left wall to a ramp leading above the gate. Jump the gap between the stone platforms. You should be able to see the last tome from the top of the gate.

Act 3.4 – The War Camp

  • Tome #1: Old Andrea’s Den – Right at the start of the act, stick to the left wall of the trail. Eventually, it leads to this house. The tome is on a desk, in the crappy old run-down house.
  • Tome #2: Froschdorf – Almost exiting the village, you’ll find two destroyed houses with an old tree stump between them. Enter the left ruined home to get the tome.
  • Tome #3: Zuhause Gully – On the dirty wooden planks that form a trail, marked with a Chaos symbol, look under the jutting rocks on the right ahead to find a metal tray with this tome.

Finale – The Skittergate

  • Tome #1: Merchant District, Helmgart – Don’t go down the lift right away. Go around the building to the right to find the tome on the ledge.
  • Tome #2: Nagvik – Leaving a large cavern, you’ll enter a smaller tunnel. Continue along the left side, jumping over a low rock to reach the outside. There’s an ice-covered rock you can jump to with the second tome.
  • Tome #3: Rotblood War Camp – Defeat the boss and follow the main path, stopping to jump through the wooden barricades with some crates to reach an optional chest on the other side. The tome is in a chest.