Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – All ‘Farewell’ Bonus Episode Photos | Locations Guide

It’s one final ‘Farewell’ for Max and Chloe in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. Before their break-up and reunion in the original episodic adventure, Max and Chloe met one last time. Experience a younger pair of pals and see their friendship from an earlier perspective in this capper to the Life Is Strange series.

The Bonus Episode sets itself apart from the rest of Before The Storm with a few notable changes. First, you’ll play as Max instead of Chloe. Second, it’s set when they were both much younger. Third, and best yet for fans, Max and Chloe’s original voice actors return to the roles. The last change is detailed right here, as we delve into the returning photograph collectibles you’ll encounter when playing through ‘Farewell’.

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All ‘Farewell’ Bonus Episode Photos | Locations Guide

Check the following locations in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm to find all the photograph collectibles and unlock the optional achievement / trophy.

In Chloe’s bedroom, interact with the camera on Chloe’s desk to pick up the camera.

  • Photo #1: Later, when Max is looking for the map in Chloe’s room and you’ve grabbed the camera, take a photo in the mirror near the closet. It doesn’t matter which choice you select.
  • Photo #2: When exploring the attic, you can take a photo of the amulet hanging from the ceiling.
  • Photo #3: In Chloe’s backyard, wait for Chloe to pose on the jungle gym while playing pirate with a looking glass. Take a photo while she’s scanning the horizon.
  • Photo #4: Back in Chloe’s living room, look at the bookshelf to the right of the TV. That gives Max an idea. On the coffee table, focus on the hat to snap the fourth photo.
  • Photo #5: In the same area, “Look” at Chloe while she’s drawing to get the last photo option.

Take all five photos, and you’ll have a full set of collectibles.