The 30+ Best PC Co-op Games Available

Video games are sometimes best played with friends to help along the journey. The PC platform doesn’t have any shortage of great video game titles that are made to allow some cooperative gameplay both offline and online.

If you’re looking for a new title to enjoy with your gaming crew then you may want to check out our list down below. We’ve picked out some of our favorite video games on the PC platform which can be played in co-op. These games are not ranked in any particular order as they can be quite different from each other genre wise.

We, of course, want to know what your favorite cooperative PC game is. Let us know by leaving it a comment down below. Likewise, check back often for future updates to the list!

#35 Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage has been a pretty iconic video game franchise on the Sega Genesis back in the 1990s. However, the series only has three main installments until recently where we finally got a fourth mainline title. Streets of Rage 4 takes place about a decade after the events of Streets of Rage 3. With Mr. X defeated, a new foe enters to take over the city which is the children of Mr. X known as the Y Twins. Players will have access to several characters including some familiar fighters such as Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding.

Players can join together and face against a slew of enemies that come across your way along with several boss fights. Just like the past installments, this is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up where players will have to use their melee combat to fight against the enemies along with an assortment of weapons that are found scattered across the levels such as metal pipes, knives, to even glass bottles. It’s also a fairly short game that can be completed in a few hours. However, if you wish to gather all the character unlocks you will have to prepare to play a few times in order to rack up the necessary points.

#34 Minecraft Dungeons

Everyone knows about Minecraft, it was a worldwide hit that’s still being enjoyed today. Its simple gameplay is easy for anyone to get a basic understanding as players can craft up unique worlds or explore endlessly generated world creations. At any rate, fans of the IP had been given a new game set within the same universe called Minecraft Dungeons. This is a game that acts as a simple dungeon crawler. Essentially, the game drops the crafting ability and instead puts players into a hack-and-slash video game.

Players can work together as they venture through a procedural generated dungeon with random monsters, traps, and puzzles. Your goal is not only to explore the area but find the precious loot that’s hidden inside. While most dungeon crawlers have a class-based system making certain loot worthless to keep, Minecraft Dungeons is more bare-bones in that there are no classes. Whatever equipment you find along the way will be available for everyone to use which makes it a great starter dungeon crawler if you’re not familiar with the genre. This also includes four-player cooperative gameplay both local and online.

#33 Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty is always a fan favorite FPS title to go through with some buddies. The intense and fast-paced action makes it difficult to end a multiplayer session. However, for those that are not interested in throwing out money towards every new release, we have a great free alternative. Recently, Call of Duty stepped into the battle royale genre with Call of Duty: Warzone. This installment is completely free for players to enjoy and it features an option for a three-player squad option. Much like other popular battle royale games out in the market, players are dropped with their teams into a large map with the focus set around gathering loot and precious items all while attempting to be the last team standing. It’s rumored at the moment that more game modes will be added to the title soon. We could see duos and quads featured as well in the near future.

#32 Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a spin-off title that takes place during the 1980s. Following the events in which the Nazi regime has won the Second World War, players step into the role of B.J. Blazkowicz’s twin daughters who begin their venture into Paris in search for their missing father. Along the way, players will be hunting down Nazis and freeing the French Resistance in order to take out the occupation settled on their land.

This game also features a cooperative gamemode where players can team up and go through the campaign. While the game doesn’t support local split-screen, those who jump online can enjoy battling Nazis together. You can even make use out of the Buddy Pass where the player that owns the game can invite another friend to join the game for free. With this feature, the secondary player invited will not need a copy of the game. Likewise, this feature can be done as much as you want so you’re not stuck with just one invite pass.

#31 Portal 2

Portal has been an iconic franchise for a number of years now and even though its sequel Portal 2, released back in 2011 which is only available it still remains one of the better co-op titles to enjoy with a friend.

Portal 2 is a puzzle type video game where players must figure out a means to overcome obstacles through the use of portals. There is certainly a bit of thinking with some trial and error involved to complete the level.

#30 Left 4 Dead Series

It would be surprising if you haven’t heard or have at least played one of the two Left 4 Dead titles available on the market today. The franchise was brought out by Valve where players can gather together in a cooperative game mode to fight off a variety of undead zombies.

Aimed more as a first-person shooter action title, there are several weapons to pick up to take down zombies as you progress through the campaign. All-in-all, the game offers relatively short levels as players are mainly tasked with reaching a certain area to escape the infected city but the online community has made several new maps and campaigns to enjoy after you completely finish the games.

#29 Borderlands 2

Like the first game, Borderlands 2 takes place on the planet of Pandora. It’s not exactly “post-apocalyptic” but it comes pretty close to what you’d expect from a planet destroyed more or less by corporations who are hell-bent on digging up resources and finding something called The Vault.

The planet’s full of raiders—disenfranchised miners and former employees of corporations who were left behind on the planet to fend for themselves—and survivors who eke out a living as best they can using the resources left behind by those very same corporations—and new ones intent on claiming Pandora’s riches.

#28 Overcooked

Overcooked is a cooking simulator type video game. Developed by Ghost Town Games, players take on the role of a chef who must prepare a variety of meals within the time limit. However, the game is filled with obstacles and hazards forcing players to quickly work together in order to send out the desired meal recipes that come up.

Being a relatively new release, the game has become a massive hit and a must play if you enjoy quirky arcade style co-op games.

#27 Minecraft

I would find it awfully strange to come across someone who doesn’t know about Minecraft. The video game developed by Mojang has grown up to a life of its own with players both young and old going through and crafting their own worlds.

This may be a bit of an odd title to add to the mix, but if you ever played the video game then you know that zombies are present. These are creatures that lurk in the dark and wait to bring your demise.

Ultimately, the video game is about survival as well, staying away from what spawns at night while keeping your vitals up. Most of the versions available for Minecraft feature online gameplay with the PC release requiring a server to be set up before friends are able to join in and help with some creative builds. Likewise, there are several online servers to join in order to compete in various game modes.

#26 Diablo 3

The third installment of the Diablo series by developers Blizzard Entertainment made its way to PC, but also consoles. Playing out much like its predecessors, gamers pick one of six possible character classes and begin their journey of taking on quests and grabbing up precious loot. Of course, the game works best when you gather a group of friends to go through this action RPG hack-and-slash title.