25 Best PS4 FPS Games

There are a number of iconic game genres that’s lasted well over the years. One of which we’re focusing on today is the first-person shooter genre and it definitely doesn’t see any shortage of titles launching into the market year after year.

However, with the plethora of FPS out there in the market and constantly growing with more, weeding out the best games to play can be difficult. We’ve sat down and looked at our favorite FPS to launch on the PlayStation 4 and compiled a list for your enjoyment down below.

These are video game titles well worth investing to add into your collection. Though, it’s certainly possible we missed a game worth adding to the list. Let us know what your personal favorite FPS is on the PlayStation 4 by leaving a comment down below and it may end up into the list in a future update.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top must-have FPS for the PlayStation 4!

#25 Rage 2

Rage 2 might be a game that gets overlooked these days. It has a bit of a mixed reception, but for what it is, this game can easily suck you into an action-packed FPS experience. Developed by id Software along with Avalanche Studios, players are tossed into a post-apocalyptic world that has killed the majority of humanity thanks to an asteroid that struck the Earth. Meanwhile, players step into the role of a Ranger where you’re constantly battling all sorts of scum and enemies that are bringing nothing but havoc to the world.

Fortunately, you’ll have a wide range of weaponry, vehicles, and even some useful power abilities that makes your battle for humanity’s survival along with order a bit easier. While to some this might be a step down in some aspects to the first Rage game but you can easily sink plenty of hours into this game for some mindless fun. 

#24 Killzone Shadow Fall

The Killzone franchise might be on hold for now with Guerrilla Games working on the Horizon franchise but back in 2013, we received Killzone Shadow Fall. Released as a launch title for the PlayStation 4, this game was one of the first titles available to showcase the power of the latest console at the time.

Much like the past installments, this was a futuristic FPS game but with more stealth mechanics available to give players another means of completing some missions. It wasn’t the over-the-top action-packed gameplay that some fans might have been hoping for but players were able to get a good solid ten hours of the game. Not to mention, is that this game came out for the PlayStation 4 at launch, it can be found pretty discounted today. 

#23 Battlefield V

Following up after the success of Battlefield 1 comes the latest release to the franchise, Battlefield V. This particular installment to the Battlefield series will take players back into the gritty war of World War II which will showcase the brutal war that soldiers had to endure years ago. Much like Battlefield 1, this release seems to also feature war stories where players will step into the shoes of various characters as they fight for their rights and loved ones.

Likewise, the weaponry and equipment will range from within the war and as such players will be fighting against the enemy with MG42’s, PIAT launchers, to even combat knives and axes. As a result, this will be a tough chaotic war that at times can get very close and personal. Battlefield V came with a narrative campaign for gamers to enjoy unlike the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 installment at the time. However, if you’re into online competitive gameplay then you would still find the usual range of game modes available to face with friends or against other gamers online including a battle royale mode which easily blew up this past year. As always, you can view our Before You Buy coverage for the game posted right up above.

#22 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Made as the successor to the previously announced and now canceled Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege makes our list. Much like the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise is known for, this is a tactical shooter with more of an active community of players online.

The overall premise of the game is a fight between a group of terrorists and of course a highly trained group of individuals that make up the Rainbow team. There is a singleplayer narrative for gamers to go through, but as it stands right now, more players are picking the game up for its online competitive gameplay.

Essentially, one team of terrorists will be seeking out a hostage while the Rainbow team must carefully breach a building and take down the terrorist group. Being a tactical shooter, there’s a bit more to the gameplay then running in and spraying bullets in each room.

Instead of turning a home into an active war zone, there’s slew of gadgets and weaponry made to make kills effective and accurate.

#21 Superhot

Superhot was a hit after indie developers first introduced the game as an entry to the 2013 7 Day FPS Challenge. The developers crafted a title in which players take control of a protagonist that must take down a slew of red glowing humanoids. However, the big catch to this title is that time only moves when you do.

As a result, players can carefully and slowly move around the level in order to avoid being hit by bullets or other projectile objects. This simple concept grew from a small entry project for a competition to a full video game release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This also makes for a fun title to enjoy with the PlayStation VR.

#20 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

I’m sure you can guess by the title of this game alone but Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set during the Cold War of the 1980s. It’s a difficult and tense time for the world and you’re doing your part to keep this country safe from a devastating attack. While the fourth mainline installment to the Black Ops series was an online-only multiplayer game, we got a single-player experience with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Fans of the Black Ops series will see some familiar faces return as they attempt to track down a Soviet spy.

The storyline for the campaign is interesting with a plethora of action-packed moments to even some pretty incredible set pieces. It’s an FPS all the way through and while you can enjoy this game as a solo experience, just like with the other Call of Duty titles, there is an online multiplayer mode as well. 

#19 Borderlands 3

There’s so much love for the Borderlands franchise and fortunately, it continued to thrive with a third installment which was released within 2019. This is an iconic shoot and loot game with the narrative this time following the Calypso Twins who discovered more vaults. It’s up to you to save the day but along the way you can be sure, there are all sorts of missions to partake in and action-packed battles.

It’s available for a solo experience but these games are played best when you have friends joining in on the fun. Fortunately, you don’t have to go back and play some of the past video game installments to enjoy the storyline as you’re dealing with a new cast of characters and narrative here. With that said, if you haven’t played the past games then they are still well worth the pick up if you’re looking to jump in with friends today. 

#18 Fallout 4

We know, Fallout is mainly an RPG franchise but Fallout 4 has plenty of FPS elements attached to the game. While this title once again throws players into the Wasteland, this time to find their son’s kidnappers, the entire game can be played in a first-person perspective. Along the way of searching for clues, meeting NPCs, gathering new gear, loot, and weapons, you’ll have to battle against all sorts of hostile enemies.

From human factions, robots, mutated monsters, to wildlife, it’s not easy living in the wasteland. Chances are you already played through this game by now, but if you happened to miss out on the title then it’s worth the pickup today. You can find it relatively cheap now since it’s been available for several years at this point.

#17 Prey

The 2017 release of Prey from developers Arkane Studios is an FPS with survival horror elements. This is a futuristic title where players are set on a space station that has been tainted by a hostile alien species. During this exploration journey, gamers will be stepping into the shoes of Morgan Yu who must find a means to get rid of the alien species and escape the station.

You may recall the Prey franchise from when it first launched back in 2006 and it’s worth mentioning that this is not a reboot or remaster. Instead, the developers identify Prey as a reimagining of the IP with a new narrative. Much of the gameplay will involve exploring the station and solving a few puzzles to solve as you progress. Likewise, this is a singleplayer only narrative so don’t expect any options to go through the game cooperatively or online with a crew.

#16 Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty could show up a ton on this list. It’s hard to top this franchise from its popularity and each new installment tends to make a new wave of players eagerly enjoying the FPS online. However, if you’re not interested in purchasing the latest installment when it releases then there may be a great alternative for you and that’s Call of Duty: Warzone. The video game is a completely free-to-play title which that already would generate interest from players, but its also a battle royale game which is a genre that is certainly popping off right now.

Gameplay acts much like the Modern Warfare series so don’t expect anything advanced from the likes of the later Black Ops installments from the franchise. Overall, the game acts much like other battle royale FPS games. Players drop into a large map and must fight to be the last man standing or the last squad standing. There’s two options at the moment, one for a three team squad along with a solos match. Depending on how many players left, if you get killed then you’re character is taken to a 1v1 match with another player. The winner will get a second chance dropping on the map with nothing but your default pistol meaning you’ll once again have to scavenge for items.

#15 Call of Duty: WWII

The Call of Duty franchise has been around for decades, but as of late the series has been turning towards more futuristic and current settings. That had changed with Call of Duty: WWII, where the series, much like Battlefield franchise, took players back to a more primitive warfare.

As the name suggests, Call of Duty: WWII is a look back into the Second World War and it definitely feels a bit more gritty and gnarly then we’ve ever seen the war before in a video game medium. Players are centered around a narrative that follows the 1st Infantry Division on the Western Front. An interesting little side note to toss into here is the fact that Call of Duty: WWII doesn’t feature an auto-regeneration for health. This has been the norm for the Call of Duty franchise, but with the setting of an old war filled with grit, courage and the horrors of being on the battlefield, players will need to seek cover and health kits to stay alive.

Multiplayer is still very much a big thing with the Call of Duty franchise and the latest title is not missing any beats. You can still enjoy the various online game modes competitively and of course there is a Zombies mode to go through as well.

#14 Far Cry 5

The fifth main title for the franchise, Far Cry 5, takes place within the United States of America in a fictional Montana area known as Hope County. Within the narrative, Far Cry 5 pins players against Joseph Seed, a leader of a cult who has forced his way into controlling Hope County. As more innocent civilians become trapped and forced into submission under Joseph Seed’s rule, only a handful of resistance stands in his way.

Just as before, players can expect the title to deliver as a first-person shooter in an open world environment which can be explored either on foot or through vehicles. However, the campaign can be experienced both as a single player narrative or through cooperative multiplayer.

#13 Far Cry New Dawn

Without spoiling too much of Far Cry 5 this New Dawn installment takes place after the events of the fifth mainline installment. Specifically this title takes place seventeen years after the events of Far Cry 5 where you will find returning characters from Far Cry 5 and the result of the protagonist and antagonist of Far Cry 5.

With Hope County mangled and distorted by the nuclear blast, players will find new landmasses to explore. Survivors have started to rebuild the world but a new threat of bandits has prevented Hope County from truly being free from tyranny control. Players will be stepping up to free up outposts and preventing from the new bandit group controlled by twin sisters from destroying Hope County and the innocent citizens who dwell within it.

#12 Metro Redux

If you didn’t get a chance to jump into the post-apocalyptic world of Metro then you’ll want to pick up a copy of Metro Redux. This is a collection that features both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light that was originally available for last generation of consoles.

Players will find that Metro Redux will include an overhaul in visuals along with 60fps gameplay for both games as you brave the dangers within the Russian apocalypse. Likewise, if you go through the collection then you’ll be ready for the sequel to Metro: Last Light known as Metro: Exodus.

#11 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a bit different in comparison to the past installments of the franchise. If you picked the Call of Duty video games in the past to go through the narrative campaign then you’ll likely skip out on this fourth installment due to the fact that the game only features multiplayer.

Developers Treyarch has opted to kill the singleplayer campaign component to the game for a focus on multiplayer game modes such as the fan favorite Zombies and a brand new battle Royale mode. With that said, if you didn’t pick up the Call of Duty titles as they released yearly for the narrative campaign then losing out on the campaign wouldn’t be a big deal. Instead, this game would provide more online multiplayer gameplay with developers avoiding the work needed to produce a campaign.

#10 BioShock: The Collection

BioShock and BioShock 2 were iconic titles and as such we’re not surprised when the game received a remastered collection just a couple years ago. The video games are brought back just as we remember them but of course with a new coat of paint. Likewise, the game collection includes the latest title to launch into the market BioShock Infinite.

As I’m sure you’ve already assumed, this collection not only contains the main video game title narratives but also the downloadable content that released prior, making this collection quite filling to go through. Sold in retail as a two-disc collection, all three games will run in 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second so even if you dabbled into the rapture before, this new coat of paint makes replaying these games worth it.

#9 Destiny 2

The Destiny franchise is not very old at all, with the first installment only released back in 2014 and though we could add the first title into the mix we’ve opted to go with the sequel as its currently active and being supported. Destiny 2 is a multiplayer experience, this is the type of video game you would meet with a few friends to grind through for loot or complete the campaigns. If you enjoy futuristic FPS and have yet to at least try Destiny or its sequel, then you might be missing out.

A quick turnoff for some gamers may be the repetitiveness you could find yourself in while going through Destiny 2 as there could be some grinding involved. Likewise, because there’s a bigger influence in going through the campaigns or side missions with a team, the casual gamer who is seeking a narrative journey to enjoy on their own time may wish to pass this franchise up. However, for those who love gathering loot, upgrading their characters and a good raid with a team of players then this is one title not to pass up.

#8 Doom

Doom is an iconic franchise that sparked interest and a bit of controversy when it launched in 1993. Now, decades later, the game franchise received a much-needed facelift with a completely new reboot known simply as Doom.

The reboot launched in 2016 and thankfully the developer’s id Software did an incredible job at making a true reboot of the franchise. This is a flesh and blood torn massacre for the demons as our protagonist, Doomguy, unleashes a hell that even the demons weren’t prepared for.

Most often when video games feature demons or any type of creature, there’s a bit of survival horror element tossed into the narrative, but that’s not the case for Doom. Instead, gamers are humanity’s last hope for survival and you’ve got no problem ripping apart limbs off demons or blasting them away with a BFG 9000. Best of all, you can continue the fun with a few new enhancements and tweaks with Doom Eternal that follows the story from the 2016 release.

#7 Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is the successor to Far Cry 3 and the fourth main installment of the Far Cry franchise. This time around, Far Cry 4 takes place in a fictional country of Kyrat which is located in the Himalayas. Civil war has broken out with the country of Kyrat now under the control of the tyrannical king Pagan Min.

When players travel back to their home, they come face-to-face of Pagan Min. Upon escaping Min’s clutches, our protagonist must free Kyrat from its tyranny control, but with each choice, the country of kyrat’s fate may dwindle away. This is a nice open-world adventure for gamers to enjoy both exploring freely or simply charting out for the narrative progression.

#6 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus & Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a reboot of the iconic Wolfenstein franchise. The game puts players into an alternate universe where the world has successfully been taken over by the Nazis party. Overall, the game focuses on BJ Blazkowicz, a man who was once on death row but managed to escape and join the resistance to fight off the Nazis and regain a peaceful regime.

The video game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus follows the events of Wolfenstein: The New Order which alters historical events. With the Nazi Regime ruling the world, a military resistance looks to fight back within America, acting as the nation’s second American Revolution against the Nazi rule.

Both video game titles are available for the platform and each is well worth picking up to enjoy, though neither of the two games offers a multiplayer aspect. Instead, you’re looking at two singleplayer narrative journeys.

#5 Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal picks things up after the events of Doom where hell has been unleashed on Earth. The only person to save humanity is our favorite Doom Slayer who has a few new tricks and skills in his arsenal. Players are dropping into this game with still an action-packed demonic slaying gameplay, but there’s certainly more parkour and platforming this time around.

It’s also quite a bit more intense with a ton more demonic hostile enemies flocking the screen at a given moment. Everything you learn along the way whether it’s different weapons, grenades, grappling, and platforming will be used rather crucially during the gameplay battles. If you went into Doom thinking things were a bit too easy and wanted a challenge, then you can find quite a bit of enjoyment here with the sequel. 

#4 Titanfall 2

From development studio, Respawn Entertainment comes their latest video game title Titanfall 2. Players will still have the competitive online multiplayer component that Titanfall is known for, however, this time around the sequel launches with a full singleplayer narrative campaign. This is something that was often brought up when Titanfall originally released and luckily the developers kept that in mind when crafting up Titanfall 2.

Within the campaign players will be taking on the role of Jack Cooper, a Militia pilot that earned his Titan after the mech’s driver was killed-in-action. Now Jack Cooper must work his way back from behind enemy lines.

If you’re looking for more competitive gameplay, the online gameplay matches are still fully accessible. The carnage of monstrous mechs and nimble foot soldiers makes combat competitive and intense.

#3 Apex Legends

Apex Legends was a surprise battle royale title release. With no marketing done to hype up this game, when it launched into the market, players quickly dove into the game to see what this free-to-play title offered. The reception was incredibly high as fans couldn’t get enough of this squad-based hero shooter. It took different characters with their unique abilities and grouped them intending to be the last team standing.

It’s fast-paced and intense but players will find quite a bit of traditional battle royale elements in this game as well. For instance, you’re still dropping into a map, gathering loot, working as a team to flush out other players into the open in hopes of gunning them down until, again, your team is the last players alive. Developers have been working on this game to further keep the gameplay new and fresh, but one thing we’ve constantly seen online from players in the hopes of a solo battle royale game mode. That was teased before and offered for special events, but so far we’re still looking at squad-based games only. 

#2 Battlefield 1

Developed by EA DICE, the Battlefield franchise has recently taken a step back by taking players to World War One with Battlefield 1. The video game is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield series and much like the past installments, Battlefield 1 is an FPS.

While the game features a fully fleshed out multiplayer filled with game modes, players who pick up the game also have a narrative campaign. The campaign will also feature a few different characters from around the globe who will offer their story of the war.

War is certainly not pretty and Battlefield 1 shows the grittiness and carnage that soldiers had to go through in order to survive and achieve victory. Though some would argue and say that the narrative campaign is a bit on the short side, gamers could spend countless hours on the online multiplayer game matches.

#1 Overwatch

Overwatch is a Blizzard-developed team-based multiplayer shooter surrounded around heroes. We’ve seen a few of these video game titles based on heroes and their various abilities launch into the market lately though it still seems that Overwatch remains one of the best video game hero shooters to purchase.

There’s a variety of game modes to choose from which may have you tweaking your role, character classes and of course strategy within the team. Likewise, the development team behind Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, will introduce new heroes into the game from time-to-time.

Unfortunately, there’s no dedicated singleplayer game mode to enjoy at your leisure as the game instead is focused on multiplayer battles. With that said, if you have a few friends who enjoy competitive FPS titles then this is a must-have.