FF12: The Zodiac Age – Essential Spells & Items You Won’t Want To Miss | Rare RNG Drop Locations

Some of the best items and spells in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age are hidden in RNG chests. That means you can very easily miss these totally essential late-game skills, spells, and accessories. We’re not going to cover every single item you need — just the most important ones nobody should ever miss.

Spells like Cleanse, which can cure the annoying, horrible Disease status effect, are actually hard to find. Then there are the ribbons, the best possible accessory that provides an increase in defense and resistance to almost every status effect. In the late-game, you’ll encounter enemies that dish out a whole range of status effects all at once. Not even White Magic can cure all those status effects. Your best bet is a fully-upgraded remedy.

The debilitating skills that can weaken enemies are some of the best, most absolutely essential skills for defeating end-game hunts. There’s no other way to win. If you’ve unlocked the end of your license board and don’t know why you’re missing some of the best skills and spells, here’s where to find them.

Essential Spells & Items| Rare RNG Drop Locations

Most items, like Holy, or unique named-weapons on the license board, are always found in chests. These chests are always there, and if you return to dungeons you’ve completed, you’ll be able to scrounge up the useful items you might’ve missed.

RNG chests are a little different. Rarely, certain chests will drop incredibly useful items. These are specific chests, usually located in a very specific map — you can’t just go to a region and expect every randomly generated chest to drop essential items here.

  • Before hunting for RNG items chests, get the Diamond Armlet:
    • The Diamond Armlet can be found in an RNG chest in Stage 1 of Trial Mode, or you can purchase it from the shop on the Phon Coast.

The Diamond Armlet increases your chances of getting rare loot from RNG chests. Equip it on your party leader or it will not be effective.

To farm for essential items in RNG chests, go to the areas described below with the Diamond Armlet equipped on your party leader. Search all the treasures (or specific chest) in the area. If you don’t get the rare chest spawn, leave the map through a screen transition and come back to respawn the chests.


Essential Skills, Spells & Accessories

  • Cleanse (White Magic): Cerobi Steppe, Terraced Bank – This chest appears in the center, on top of a trap. It has a 20% chance to spawn — but will always drop the Cleanse spell.
  • Shear (Technick): Barheim Passage, Zeviah Span – In the southern-most central area of the map. Get to the small room from the West Annex Entrance. There’s a 10% chance the chest will spawn.
  • Addle (Technick): Henne Mines, Special Charter Shaft – Find this chest next to minecart in a secret area of the map. Go to the bottom-right section of the shaft to find a path that leads off the map, heading north.
  • Ribbon (Accessory): Henne Mines, Special Charter Shaft – In the top-center of the map, find the “L”-shaped area to find a chest with a 15% ribbon drop rate.
    • It can also be found in the Subterra, Abyssal – North.
    • Drops from the Lvl. 99 Red Chocobo, and can be stolen in Trial Mode.
    • In Trial Mode, steal from Stage 49 (Hashmal), Stage 93 (Red Chocobo), or Stage 99 (Omega Mark XII). You can farm ribbons by re-fighting and stealing from these enemies.