Hidden Agenda: How to Get the Best Possible Ending | Case Closed Guide

From the creators of Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda tells a familiar cops-versus-killers story, but twists the formula with new gameplay mechanics — instead of hunting for evidence alone, you’re joined by up to five friends as you work to unravel the mystery. Depending on your choices, you can get a variety of endings — only one ending leads to the real killer.

Sometimes it’s more fun to watch everyone die, but today we’re going to explain how to get the best possible ending.¬†Getting this ending will earn you the “Case Closed” trophy, and leads to the true culprit behind the killings. You’ll have to work hard to find the proper evidence, but we’ll explain all the steps required. Just don’t try to aim for the best ending if you’ve got friends working to sabotage all your detective work. Best to try this one alone!

How to Get the Best Possible Ending | Case Closed Guide

To get the best ending in Hidden Agenda, you’ll need to arrest the Trapper. Arresting the Trapper requires that you collect enough evidence on Simon to convict him. You’ll need enough evidence to break into Simon’s house and collect the last pieces of evidence in his basement. To do that, follow these steps.


  • How To Get the “Case Closed” Ending
    • Make sure Danielle survives the prologue.
    • Make Finn trust you enough to reveal Danielle was in on the hostage situation.
      • Danielle will then tell Tom that the trapper is a “Police Doctor”.
    • In the cabin, find the hidden camera.
    • Follow Simon in his house.
    • Collect the three clues in Simon’s basement to confirm the Trapper’s identity.

Follow all of those steps, and you’ll learn the true identity of the Trapper. Basically, you need enough evidence, even after finding the Trapper, to confirm his identity. If you don’t build up trust with (some) of your allies, things won’t work out for Felicity.