Nintendo Switch Rocket League Impressions: An Innovative Way to Experience An Innovative Game

GameRocket League

Publisher: Psyonix

Developer: Psyonix

Reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Rocket League captured the hearts of gamers when it made its debut on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in Summer of 2015. Whether it was the gripping intense gameplay to its lengthy, but worthy progression system, the game always felt like it had an incentive to play. Rocket League received positive feedback from the community for being something brand new and creative.

A few years later we’ve seen ports of this game make its way to the Xbox One, and now on the latest hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch. Is it a worthy title? How does the Switch Port hold up? Is it worth your time and money? Let’s take a deeper look into Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch.

For those who haven’t heard of this title, Rocket League is a fast-paced title that puts you in control of mini R-C cars in which you play soccer with. Each car is equipped with boosters in which you can pick up fuel for throughout the arenas. Put all these factors together and it leads to some of the most intense scenarios you can experience in any game, and that’s just one of the many reasons why the game is so incredibly fun.

In the other versions of the game, Rocket League’s stable frame rate played a huge role in its success in making these scenarios possible and thankfully that doesn’t change the Nintendo Switch version. Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch plays near perfect in both handheld and docked mode. The frame rate stays consistent, the resolution looks up to par with the other versions of the game, and everything just played smooth. When it comes to performance on the Nintendo Switch, there’s nothing really to say besides that it plays excellent.

Like most games that get ported to the Nintendo Switch, your going to get some exclusive in-game content. This time around, players will be treated to a handful of exclusive Mario and Luigi Battle Cars and Customizable items. These were pretty neat exclusive items that gave the cars a brand new look, which I personally thought looked awesome.

These items were added to an already stacked amount of customizable items within the game. According to the official Nintendo website, there are more than 100 billion possible customization combinations, which is very impressive. This can keep gamers playing the game for countless hours, trying to unlock all the cool and customizable items will definitely take some time. Like I mentioned before, the progression system is nicely done often awarding players with loot after every match.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is a must-buy for newcomers who have never played this title before. With the addition of having the game on the game via handheld mode, there are tons of reasons for owning this title on the Switch. However, those who have already experienced this title on other platforms, there still is an incentive for owning it on the Nintendo Switch. First and most important is the ability to play this game anywhere at anytime. Second, Rocket League is a standout title that offers many hours of fun, entertaining gameplay.

What are your thoughts on Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know about your experience down in the comment section below.