Nintendo Switch MicroSDXC SanDisk Memory Card Review

Update: Nintendo and SanDisk updated their prices for the Micro SD cards and have adjusted them to 64gb for $50 and 128gb for $90. The price is a little better, but it’s still just a little too much.

Original Review:

It has been common knowledge since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch that people were obviously going to need a memory card for more storage; so there was no surprise when consumers were looking for the best option for their new shiny device.  The Nintendo Switch has the smallest storage space across all major gaming platforms, coming in at a whopping 32gb memory space.

However, thankfully Micro SD’s are relatively cheap. Gamers could easily score a 64gb card for about $30. That’s not too bad since most games are under 20gbs, but it is still relatively small compared to the standard PS4 / Xbox One console with a storage space of 500gb. With micro SD cards being so cheap, and coming in so many different tiers, it could be difficult for the average consumer to know which one to get without getting ripped off.

So when Nintendo announced their officially licensed memory card for the Nintendo Switch, many gamers myself included, was super ecstatic. I knew for definite that the SD card would work with ease, and I could pop it into the console and start downloading my games right away. However, I never expected that Nintendo themselves would be ripping me off.

Yes, that’s right, Nintendo and SanDisk are blatantly ripping consumers off with their licensed Nintendo Switch memory card. For a 64gb micro SD, the price is about $100, while the 128gb card comes in at a whopping $200.  This is kind of wrong for both companies to do to their consumers as there is nothing special about this micro SD card from any other.

There’s no special design, no special incentive, it’s a standard micro SD with a little Nintendo Switch tagline on the memory card. I would understand, slightly, if there was some special design to the SD card, perhaps Mario’s face or a red and blue neon version; but nada, nothing, it’s a plain whole memory card.

The memory card works great, it downloads games at a slightly faster speed. But it really comes down to price: Is it worth getting a Nintendo Switch licensed memory card over other micro SD cards? I’m not too sure, it’s overpriced and like I mentioned before, it’s for no reason.

Besides the packaging with its Link and Mario design, it is simply an ordinary SD card in most aspects. I would suggest waiting for a price cut if you really want the Nintendo licensed card or just shop around for another card. I could easily list more than a couple of cards that will save you some cash.

How do you feel about this micro SD debacle? Do you have a memory card for your Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

Full Disclosure: A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for purposes of this review.