Top 15 PC Games of 2013

2. SimCity

SimCity is one of our most wanted games of 2013 for the PC. Heck, it's been one of our most wanted games for a decade now. We've wanted a proper, current-generation sequel to SimCity 4, a game which has—thus far—remained uncontested by the likes of too many city simulations that simply fail to compete.

The new SimCity offers a city simulation with more detail than ever before thanks to the powerful Glassbox engine it runs on, which simulates everything from underground water tables to the spread of fire, pollution, and crime. Beyond that, it's got detail that'll make use of high-end PC hardware to their max, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a simulation.

It's got its share of problems, but they've been fixed. Aside from the game's always online requirement, most of its issues that were around during its launch have since been alleviated, making it one of the best city simulation games of all time.

Release Date: Available Now