Top 10 Best FPS Games of 2013

FPS Games of 2013

fps games 2013

Updated: 06/16/13

Note: The list has been updated with Call of Duty: Ghosts replacing the rumored MW4 and Aliens: Colonial Marines being replaced with the PS Vita exclusive, Killzone: Mercenary.

First person shooters have been a staple of videogames since the release of Doom two decades ago, and they've remained on the forefront of videogames ever since. The development of first person shooters has not only driven the medium as a whole, but it's also had a significant impact on technology and the development of graphics cards, CPUs, and the physics engines that power these games—in addition to the countless other applications that they're used for.

Without the first person shooter, 3D wouldn't be as advanced as it is, and we'd never have games like Half-Life to push the FPS as a narrative vehicle. No other perspective allows us to perceive the world through a more "immersive" lens than the FPS, which has served to deliver some of the most powerful gaming experiences to date.

The year 2013 is set to offer a wealth of gaming choices in the first-person shooter genre. The games are expected to offer innovation and reasons to purchase a powerful gaming rig as many of them are being developed not only to make the most out of current-generation platforms, but also the next.

These bleeding edge first-person shooters will offer unparalleled open-world environments, tough moral decisions, and in one case, even a return to giant mech combat.

Without further ado, these are the most wanted FPS games of 2013. Click on the next slide to read on!