PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS | Guide to Loot and Vehicle Spawns


PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is all about getting the best weapons and gear to take out anyone unlucky enough to cross paths with you. But the games gigantic map and seemingly endless amount of locations can make deciding where to parachute a frustrating task. Well Steam user ShatterNL created an awesome map detailing which areas have the highest concentration of loot spawns as well as where vehicles are guaranteed to spawn. Read below to find out where you and your squad should drop next game and some of the pros and cons of the game’s most active areas.

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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Loot and Vehicle GuideCredit to ShatterNL.

Notable Drop Locations

Georgopol — The largest city in the game is broken into two sections. The residential area to the north and the shipping yard to the south. The southern shipping area is generally the more contested area so opting to parachute into the north could be the safer move.

Lipovka — This medium sized town has a good assortment of weapon spawns as well as a guaranteed vehicle. It’s somewhat out of the way and not as highly contested as the other areas listed here making it a good candidate to parachute into. Just be sure to guard the vehicle or you will find yourself running all over.

Mylta — Mylta is one of the larger towns in the game but is generally not highly contested because of the proximity to the more rewarding Mylta Power and Sosnovka Military Base. If you can get it to yourself you should have no problem gearing our your character but be sure to watch the roads when white circles move in.

Mylta Power — This highly contested area packs a ton of guns into a small area. The multiple level buildings and dimly lit corridors make it a great place to camp.

Novorepnoye — Multiple vehicle and boat spawns as well as an abundance of loot in a small area make Novorepnoye a great location to parachute into for those looking for some action without the chaos of the nearby military base. Consider getting a vehicle and leaving to central landmass as soon as possible or risk getting surrounded.

Rozhok — The large amount of vehicle spawns and proximity to the school as well as multiple apartments makes Rozhok one of the most contested towns in the game. Everyone parachutes here. But the spread out loot and surrounding hills make Rozhok a poor choice to camp if you don’t get one of the hot spots. Stealing a car and driving out is usually the best course of action.

Rozhok School — The single most contested building in the game. The school has abundance of weapons and indoor bloodshed. Should you become victorious and lay claim to it the school’s central location make it prime real estate to lock down. This is not an area for the faint of heart.

Primorsk — This coastal town has great loot but the lack of guaranteed vehicle spawn make it a risk to parachute into. Adequate tree and hill cover on the town’s north side make running an option but be sure to move early.

Rozhok — The large amount of vehicle spawns and proximity to the school make Rozhok one of the most parachuted into towns in the game. But the spread out loot and surrounding hills make Rozhok a poor choice to camp.

Severny — Very few people opt to parachute into this small country town making it an ideal starting area for those who want to relax while they gear their character. But don’t get too comfortable as the lack of guaranteed vehicle spawns and remote location means you will likely be running to your next location.

Sosnovka Military Base — Easily the game’s most contested area, the Sosnovka Military Base is sure to have dozens of players drop into it each game. This high risk high reward area should be avoided until late game for those that want their games to last more than a few minutes.

Yasnaya Polyana — This huge sprawl of a city has an abundance of weapons and a guaranteed vehicle spawn. Be sure to check the hangars for loot but watch out for squads in the apartment buildings. The large fields on each side make Yasnaya a hard city to lock down so keep your head on a swivel.