Lacuna Passage Impressions – Surviving Mars

Lacuna Passage has been in development for years, but I can’t help but pull similarities from 2015 blockbuster release, The Martian. Given the opportunity to try out an early access build from the development team, Random Seed Games, I’m certainly hooked and can’t wait to see the final build launch into the market.

Within Lacuna Passage, players find themselves crashing down into Mars in a landing pod. With no background information, you’re left on your own. As mentioned, what bit I’ve played of Lacuna Passage, I’m instantly reminded of the film, The Martian, starring Matt Daemon, though unlike film, the narrative for Lacuna Passage has yet to be released.

Players are left alone on Mars and as such, you’ll have to work hard on your survival and potentially a way off the planet. Unfortunately, I don’t know just what the developers have in mind for a narrative, but the video game early access build gives players a taste of what’s to come which right now, there’s plenty of maintenance and exploration.

Once you crash land into the surface of Mars, you’re instantly given the task of finding an old habitat that can keep your suit battery charged, oxygen flowing, hydrating water, and heat. This is where the real fun begins if you enjoy simulation type titles.

Keeping equipment up in good standing order is a necessity. This will mean diagnostics, reading manuals, finding just what components are required to maintain functions, repairing items, and problem-solving.

Likewise, while you’ll be maintaining machines regularly, exploring new areas, and discovering other locations, the protagonist’s vitals are also required constant monitoring. You’ll find that keeping yourself healthy, fed, hydrated, among other aspects of daily survival will mean for careful planning. For instance, sleeping for a few hours will mean losing some precious calories that your body needs, thus rationing food or finding other caches will become a factor and that ultimately means venturing out for supply caches.

Luckily, gamers can enjoy the game on Steam through early access on May 17, 2017. However, it’s unknown just when the story narrative will be launched into the game, but as it stands right now, Lacuna Passage is definitely a decent simulation and exploration title.

Full Disclosure: A copy of the game was supplied by the publisher for purposes of review.