Super Mario Run Reportedly Receiving New Playable Characters For iOS Gamers

Android gamers will finally receive the game while iOS owners will find new playable characters.

According to a report made by VG247, we’re finding out that Super Mario Run is receiving a relatively big update for the iOS version this Thursday, March 23, 2017. This will keep players on the iOS platform playing while Android gamers will finally receive the basic game.

We reported earlier last week that Super Mario Run, one of the latest Nintendo video game applications on the mobile platform, would be releasing for Android this week. Originally, the game was a timed exclusive only for the Apple iOS platform, but now Android users will finally get to enjoy the fun as well.

As mentioned, the video game will see a release on the Android platform this March 23, 2017, where the game is free to download. Gamers will have a specific set of levels available to play completely free, though if they wish to continue through the full game, Nintendo will require a one-time $9.99 fee.

It’s no secret that the mobile game is doing Nintendo plenty of good as simply on the iOS, Nintendo earned over $30 million USD. This is also good news for mobile gamers as we’ll likely see more incentive from Nintendo to release other video game applications for the smartphone and tablet markets in the future.

This grand release for the Android platform also sees an update for the iOS version of the game. VG247 reports that the iOS version of the game will be brought to 2.0.0 and it will add new playable characters.

Unfortunately, it’s not stated just yet who will be added to the roster though there is speculation that we’ll start to see some of the infamous villains become an available character to go through the game. For now we’ll have to wait and see just what the update brings later this week.