Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Secrets Spilled by Beta Testers

Details about the multiplayer modes in BLOPS2 have been disclosed.

black ops 2

Think a couple of announcements about Black Ops 2 is enough to cover the entirety of the changes coming to the game? Well, think again, because there’s even more to be said.

To that end, a couple of YouTubers who’ve had apparent access to the game’s closed beta test have come out to report all of their findings, as the NDA appears to have been lifted. We can’t confirm whether this is actually the case, but the testers have had no apparent problem in disclosing everything they know about the game’s multiplayer modes.

The tweets were compiled by Black Ops community member, datmexicanguy. 

  • One thing I'll say without you asking is if you expect to get scorestreaks in obj games from just slaying, you're gonna have a bad time.
  • The Remington shotty is like the stakeout. Except it's good. Great range, 8 shots, 1 shot kills fee days.
  • Sniping is CoD4 status. Ballista iron sights are ROUGH. A lot harder than WaW unscoped bolts.
  • YY is back. Exactly like BO1.
  • Multi Team Deathmatch. Is. Fucking. Fun. Played it 3 teams of four on a tiny map. It was straight up bananas. Nonstop action.
  • Hard point will be where the montage guys go. It's very similar to drop zone, just no care packages.
  • 32 layers for emblem editor. Artists will have fun.
  • The prestige icons are legit. I think you will all agree.
  • 10th prestige is a flaming gold skull with a burn mark (if I remember correctly).
  • I still think a lot of people will run Ghost, but not as many as BO1. Pick 10 really changes the game. Lots. Of. Variety.
  • Sensitivity now scales differently. 1-14. If you play on 5 now, for example, it translates to about 7 in this game. I love this feature.
  • To be more specific about sensitivity. 14 is now the highest, but it's the equivalent to what 10 is now. Lets you fine tune your choice.
  • SMG's suffer a LOT of damage drop off, but are lethal up close. They did a good job catering each gun class to its actual role. 
  • Sound whoring. Footsteps seem a little louder than BO1, but the game itself has a lot more going on that drowns it out.
  • Rapid Fire on the SMG's is leeeethal. However, past a very short range they are highly ineffective. Nice balance there.
  • The MMS (X-Ray scope) was good, but not OP. Only works if people aren't moving.
  • The Thermal Scope, for once, is awesome. Green background, players highlighted in orange, can still see them fine if they're Cold Blooded.
  • I've played 100+ hours of #BlackOps2 multiplayer and 25+ hours of #BlackOps2 zombies over the past month.
  • And my NDA has been lifted, so I can answer any questions you guys have, apart from some MP maps and Zombies. Those are still top secret 😀
  • Rejoin last played lobby ON [OFF] – This is a feature. You're welcome YouTubers. You can now find your perfect lobby with ease.
  • There is no nuke, MOAB, or hidden killstreak.
  • Time to kill is a nice medium between MW3/BO1
  • Tons of epic new camos: carbon fiber, cherry blossom, skulls, gold, and hidden ones. Can be put on primaries, secondaries, riot, launchers
  • DSR50, not the Ballista, will be the sniper weapon of choice.
  • Zombies has 3 modes as of now: Tranzit, Survival, Grief.
  • Tranzit: Expansive map, story mode. Bus takes you to 5 different areas. What you saw in the trailer yesterday
  • Survival: Same regular zombies. One area, last as long as possible.
  • Grief: 4z4. Humans vs Humans vs Zombies. Humans cannot kill each other, but can "fuck with each other" thru traps/grief events.
  • All the weapons are super balanced. Nothing is too OP at this point in time. I do have my favs, you'll see them in my class setup videos.
  • Some maps are interactive. Cargo has moving shipment crates. Express has a bullet train that runs you over/cuts off spawns. Pretty cool.
  • Lightening strike is everything an airstrike should have been in CoD. Three point target, drops bombs immediately. Very minor delay.
  • When you prestige, weapon and challenge progression DO NOT reset.
  • Prestige emblems are the best out of any CoD thus far.
  • 10th prestige is a flaming skull with half of its face burned. Kinda like two face.
  • Sensitivity: now 1-14. 14 is the same as 10 in previous games. More tiers in-between, allowing you to tune your sens even more.
  • Zombies: you can do head shots only, magic items off (mystery box, perk machines), and you can elect to start at round 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20.
  • ou no longer have to hold X to pick up Combat Axes, you just have to walk over them. That + Scavenger replenishing = epic. @ONLYUSEmeBLADE
  • Theater mode has dolly cam, in-lobby game save feature, and new "highlight" feature. With the press of a button, it will cut together all of your killing/objective events in said game into a highlight reel.
  • Emblem editor: 32 layers, color wheel, infinitely more shapes/graphics, can adjust transparency.
  • BlackOps2 has one of the best spawn systems I've seen. Not too quick to flip, never got spawned in front of somebody.
  • Best pistol: Beretta. 3-round burst, like the Raffica from MW2
  • You can play combat training and earn multiplayer XP. Can only rank up to level 10 though.
  • There's a moustache reticle in #BlackOps2
  • Yes, gold camo returns in #BlackOps2. Gold primaries, gold pistols, gold crossbow, gold launchers, gold riot shields.
  • Objective markers DO fade out when you're aiming down site at them. Just like in BO1.
  • The knife lunge range in #BlackOps2 is HORREBDOUS. You have to be point blank.
Optic Nadeshot:
  • League play is being heavily emphasized by Treyarch. Your league ranking and medal will be on your playercard.
  • Prestige icons are the best looking they've ever been. This will be the first time I prestige in a long long time.
  • Black Ops 2, IMO, feels more like MW3. Only difference is player movement is slower then before. Game felt very smooth.
  • The league play icons will literally MAKE YOU want to be in the highest league. Seeing that icon next to your name will add much motivation.
  • Tons of new camos. Ronin, Carbon Fiber, Skulls, Art of War…just to name a few. More info on that later from me.
  • Every weapon, perk, attachment, and score streak has a counter. The game is very balanced. They put a lot of though into it.
  • Sniping is fun, but challenging. The Unscoped Ballista takes A LOT of skill. Will be hard for most snipers to get used to.
  • The DSR-50 is the best sniper IMO, also looks badass with an amazing sound to it.
  • Recoil. There is significant recoil in Black Ops 2. Gun WILL take skill.
  • Theater now allows you to spectate FIRST PERSON POV of every player in your lobby. Big improvements made.
  • Reticle customization has never been so lucrative. Treyarch had fun with it and add plenty of reticles just for the lulz.
  • The eSports initiative is very important to Treyarch and they are offering unbelievable support for our community #LeaguePlay
  • With the new Pick 10 system, there will be DEFINED player roles once again. Slayers, support, objective…etc.
  • There is a mustache reticle in Black Ops 2, trust me, that had a lot of fun with the game. Such awesome guys over at @Treyarch studios.
  • Jump shooting in Black Ops 2 didn't feel too beneficial. Drop shooting on the other hand felt amazing. We'll see how it feels with time…
  • In my honest opinion, League Play will be the single most impacting feature added to Black Ops 2 #TheFutureIsBlack
  • Aim assist still exists for snipers. Time to put that rumor to bed. Like I said, sniping is challenging, still fun though.
  • Time overtime rounds are automatically added to Capture the Flag. Perfect for the competitive guys, 2 sided domination as well.
  • You can bring multiple people in your theater lobby to show off your clips. They really thought of everything.
Ernest Le:
  • High scorestreaks are VERY hard to get. If you play for KD, play the objective. You'll look ridiculous with half the score as the OBJ guy.
  • As it stands, I can see all of us hating UV rays by the first week. The Guardian is extremely useful and annoying. Also nets easy points.
  • Fast Hands is a must for combat axes and C4s. Throwing fast is deadly. C4 is dirty, just ask @codblack1ce
  • IMHO, GHOST will be overused. It's powerful, and UAVs are the first scorestreak unlock. Lots of UAVs will be ran, especially for assist pts.
  • Hunter Killer is the new RCXD. Get ready to pull your hair out.
  • Back to Ghost – it might be overused, but you won't get your streaks trying to avoid the objective. You get mad pts for team playing.
  • Skorpion EVO II is dirty. Very fast rate of fire and controllable. MSMC is nice, very similar to COD4 AK74U. I can see Laser getting a nerf.
  • Other SMGs were cool, nothing really clicked though. MP7 isn't like MW3's. The recoil felt way too different. Vector was OK.
  • Assault Rifles – I love the AN94, similar to an AK47. Type 25 is very accurate, M27 is good but weak.
  • Select Fire attachment – Works good for burst to auto guns, really a waste on auto to burst guns since you can just tap trigger
  • Awareness counters Dead Silence, which is good. The issue is that your audio is enhanced with non-DS users. This takes some getting used to.
  • Scavenger replenishes all equipment and lethals. Scav packs only drop from non-explosive kills, though.
  • Shotguns – S12 is like a SPAS, good. KSG hitmarkers like MW3, Remington is like a more reliable Stakeout, M1216 is a 4burst AA12
  • I noticed significantly more hitmarkers while trying to Sandy people with the Remington. Use Laser to nosc, Long Barrel to get range
  • If I had to recommend a class for TDM – MSMC ext mags, laser, Ghost/Hardline, Scavenger, Dead Silence, Semtex, Conc nade x2
  • Scorestreaks for leveling up – UAV, cUAV, Hunter/Guardian/Lightning Strike for mad assist points, constant flow of score and obj play
  • Scorestreaks for that perfect TDM lobby – UAV then Stealth Chopper into Warthog, Dogs, Swarm.
  • Ballistic Knife – less drop it seems like, shot is instant (no delay like BO), low knife recovery, Replenish by walking over
  • Spawns seem just like BO but less touchy. You can trap like the good old days in Domination. Takes 1 bozo to ruin it for the rest, though.
  • Multi-Team can be played in TDM, Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint. I think 4 teams (?) max of 12 players.
  • What else? The Crossbow shoots faster than in BO. 3 shot clip, it has an Acog, Red dot, thermal and TRIPLESHOT. Fire 3 shots at once.
  • Biggest surprise is that @Optic_nadeshot thinks the LMGs are LEGIT. He thinks that the competitive guys will use them. I think he's nuts.
  • Sprint duration relies on what weapon you hold, with combat knife letting you run the furthest