Rockstar Cracking Down With New Grand Theft Auto Online Penalties

Cheaters risk a permanent ban from the video game.


If you found an easy way to earn some quick cash on Grand Theft Auto Online then you very well may find that cash withdrawn from your bank account. The news was released today by Rockstar that they are cracking down on Grand Theft Auto Online and warns players that by bending the rules and obtaining money illegitimately may result in money loss to even a full ban from the video game.

There are plenty of players online who are using certain aspects and mods to obtain funds quickly on Grand Theft Auto Online. Today, Rockstar has rolled out a new stricter system that will penalize players who are caught cheating.

According to Rockstar these new checks and balances will allow the gameplay environment to be fair. Some gamers may already find that they have been caught when they attempt to log into Grand Theft Auto Online. A new notification may appear stating that illegitimately gained in-game money was removed from their shared bank.

This does not mean money will be removed from your bank if obtained fairly or even through the use of purchased Shark Cards.

The development team is also tackling on more cheaters by giving first-time offenders who are caught cheating through the use of mods with a temporary suspension. This suspension will lock players out of the Grand Theft Auto Online video game for a duration of time. If these cheaters are caught again then they will be banned permanently.

It’s worth noting that while suspended, players will find all progress for their character, property, and inventory has been removed, so it’s best to not manipulate the video game in order to get ahead of the competition and instead work fairly like the rest of the gaming community.