New gameplay videos released for SWTOR

Bioware releases new Star Wars: The Old Republic gameplay videos from E3


Bioware has released some new gameplay footage for their upcoming MMORPG game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. We were all blown away by the CGI trailer released a few days ago, but now its time to see some in-game footage. The gameplay videos show off a few of the player ships, Trooper and Smuggler quest where a trooper and smuggler work together for the Republic on a quest, and Sith Warrior and Inquisitor quest where a Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor engage in combat on a quest.

SWTOR E3 2010 | Player ships revealed

SWTOR E3 2010 | Sith Warrior and Inquisitor quest

SWTOR E3 2010 | Trooper and Smuggler quest