DOTA 2 Reborn Update Deploying To Everyone Soon

Valve recommends players go ahead and update now to avoid the rush.

DOTA 2 is finally making its long awaited transition to Reborn very, very soon.

Valve revealed on a blog post that they are already processing the transition, which will switch everyone’s game over from Source 1 to the Source 2 engine.

This transition won’t just come with the expected bug fixes and improvements. There will also be a large amount of backend changes that will require a massive one time download. Valve recommends that you download the update to Reborn yourself so that you won’t have to do it again when everyone else does as part of the game client. You need only launch the client and go to the Play Tab to set yourself up.

The move to Source 2 will free up Valve’s time to focus on tournaments, but for players, there’s more on promise than a highly improved game experience. When everyone gets Reborn DOTA 2 will not just be a single game anymore, but a freely available game development platform.

What this means is that players can dig into DOTA 2’s toolset to make their own games. These games will then be playable to other DOTA 2 players via the Custom Game Tab.

Clearly, everyone is getting into the mod tools and game development tools game, even notoriously go-their-own-way Nintendo. Very soon, Valve will offer another accessible platform for everyone to get into game development.