First Hands-On Video With Sony’s Project Morpheus for PS4

Sony has released their first hands-on video with the Project Morpheus VR headset for the PS4.

Sony’s PlayStation Access channel on YouTube has published the first hands-on with Project Morpheus, PS4’s upcoming virtual reality headset. The channel’s host, Hollie Bennett, chatted with Director of Sony Worldwide Studios Immersive Technology Group, Simon Benson. He elaborated on the VR project and what it brings to the table.

The unit shown off in the preview remains a prototype build of Project Morpheus and isn’t a complete version of what Sony intends to push out to the public. 

“A lot of thought has gone into our prototype. We try to think of it not just as a peripheral—it’s not something you just put on your head and is a peripheral. It’s a whole system. It’s a virtual reality system. It really embraces the whole PlayStation environment, if you like,” said Benson, who elaborated on how the DualShock and the Move peripherals can be brought into the Project Morpheus experience.

““We don’t want it to be a high-tech thing that no one knows what to do with,” he continued. “It’s got to be so simple—one size fits all—you just put it on, it just works.”

Benson then explained that viewers will be able to see what the user is seeing on a screen. Sony wants for Project Morpheus to be a “living room experience” and not an isolating one. 

Benson says that Sony is working with its internal studios on how to make the best possible games with Project Morpheus.

Project Morpheus will be “ready when it’s ready.” 

Watch the interview below.