All Three Titanfall Titan Executions Will Blow Your Mind [HQ]

Watch the badass execution moves performed by each Titan(Atlas, Ogre and Stryder) in Titanfall as they rip apart their opponents.

Titanfall has been framed as reinventing the first person shooter, and we’re inclined to agree with that assessment given the game’s particular aptitude for verticality, speed, and the feeling of empowerment it grants the player no matter how well (or how poorly) he or she plays. 




Among one of the many reasons for the game’s feeling of empowerment are its animations, which make the player feel like a total badass when he or she is sprinting around the battlefield and killing armed opponents without even breaking a sweat. 

To that end, some of the most badass moments in the game come from gearing up in the Titan and performing a termination move on a hapless opponent. True to form, the Ogre rips off the arms of a Titan, and smashes it across the head with them. The Stryder rips out the pilot and squeezes him with every pound of pressure it can muster. The Atlas also rips out the pilot, but tosses them aside.