Pokemon X And Y: Learn How To Chain To Get A Shiny

Chaining is an inexact art, but follow these tips and you’ll reasonably get that Shiny you want for sure!

Remember our Pokemon X and Y Shinies guide from not too long ago? Well, we now have a chaining guide to complement and ensure your chances that your will get all the Shinies that you want, all the Shinies if you have the patience. This is going to be a big one, so you’ll want to get a beverage and sit down for this one. It’s a long road to be the very best.

Chaining is a cheat which lets you meet a single Pokemon multiple times. Chaining a Pokemon multiple times will increase the chances you see ‘shiny patches’, aka signals that you can get a Shiny when you enter the grass.

You will need the PokeRadar, which you get in Professor Sycamore’s Laboratory, the 2nd floor, in Lumiose City. You bring the PokeRadar to the grass and when you see patches of grass that shake, a pokemon is in one of those patches. The PokeRadar recharges every 50 steps.

There are no concrete rules to chaining, but many players have figured out methods that have proven reliable to them. What follows below come from one such player.

First, a few guidelines:

·         You should register your PokeRadar and unregister other items. Using one more Key Item breaks the chain.

·         Aside from the PokeRadar, you should get a lot of Super Repels. Without getting into detail, these repel lower level Pokemon, and ensure that chains don’t get broken. You should bring at least 200 Super Repels. Max Repels will also work, but you don’t need to spend so much when Super Repels will do.

·         You will want to use a Pokemon whose moves have a lot of PP, or Power Points.  To make it easy to track down, get a Pokemon with one move that has 40 PP, or two moves with 20 PP.

·         You will want to be in a large field, at least 5 patches by 5 patches.

Now, here’s what you do:

1.       Use a Super Repel.

2.       Walk near or into the middle of the field and use the PokeRadar.

3.       You will see several patches of grass shake, some rougher than others. For the purposes of this guide, there is rough shaking and soft shaking.

4.       When you encounter the Pokemon you want to chain, make sure you remember the type of shaking it makes and knock it out. At this point, you have a chain of one.

5.       The grass will shake again after the Pokebattle. At this point, you should find and KO the same Pokemon again and again until you make a chain of 40.

6.       When you get to a 40 chain, reset your PokeRadar and look for a Shiny Patch. Resetting is a simple matter of moving back and forth between the grass, avoiding patches that don’t fit your criteria. Shiny Patches are visibly Shiny and will emit a unique sound. If you did not find a Shiny Patch, reset and try again. You may have to reset several times, but at this point, a Shiny Patch is guaranteed to appear.

7.       Finally, catch the Shiny.

Unfortunately, there are many ways to break the chain. Here are another set of rules and things you need to look out for to keep the chain going:

·         If your target Pokemon was a rough shaker, you should look for another rough shaker and so forth.

·         It is recommended that you only go to a patch that is 4 spaces away from you, horizontally or vertically. Some players dispute this, but if you’re starting out, it would be better to stick to this rule.

·         If you do not find patches that meet the prior criteria, just keep resetting your PokeRadar.

·         If you KO a Pokemon in a patch at the edge of a field, you must reset your PokeRadar. Failing to do so will break the chain. You will know for sure you break the chain when you get the message “It seems there is no Pokemon here.”

·         If you enter a patch that does not meet your criteria but get the Pokemon you wanted, your chain is still on and you got lucky.

·         If you enter a patch that had a different type of shaking than the Pokemon you wanted, but you still got that Pokemon, your chain is still on, but the type of shaking your Pokemon makes has changed. You may be better off resetting, dependent on how big your chain is.

·         If you happen to run across a legendary bird in the wild grass after the Elite Four, you can relax. The bird is not affected by repels, does not affect chains and will just run away.

·         If your Pokemon you’ve been using to fight runs out of PP, just go into the menus and take care of it. Resetting breaks your chain, entering the menus does not.

Just to be clear, here’s a separate list of events and things you can do that will break a chain:

·         Entering a patch of grass that does not have the Pokemon you are chaining.

·         Entering a patch of grass and getting the message “It seems there is no Pokemon here.”

·         Leaving the field.

·         Turning off the game.

·         Using the roller skates.

·         Hatching an egg in the middle of chaining.

·         Encountering a wild Pokemon.

We’re leaving out information where there’s some dispute or it may not be necessarily useful. If you want to see it all, of course, you can always go to the source, which we are linking below.  We’re also sharing a video showing the Shiny Patch in action.

Source: Reddit