Seleucids Announced as Free Playable Faction in Total War: Rome 2

These brave men will soon join the ranks of playable factions in Rome 2.


The developers at The Creative Assembly have revealed a new playable faction in Total War: Rome 2, the Seleucids, and have cobbled together a page on the game's official wiki site to explain the origins of the faction and their role in the game.

"Although eventually embracing many eastern customs, the Seleucids are renowned for their city building and civil engineering, driving Greek colonisation and Hellenization. Furnished with expert cavalry, including cataphracts, horse skirmishers and war elephants, Seleucid armies also sport a solid core of excellent spear and pike infantry provided by a growing number of Greek-speaking colonists."

For an ancient civilization, the Seleucids were a fairly liberal bunch who celebrated tolerance and diversity among their numbers, and were renown for their civil engineering.

In an age when slavery was the norm, the Seleucids had little forbearance for the concept and the practice, which they found to be abhorrent—just as we do.

As a military, the Seleucids have access to a wide-ranging roster of units, fielding capable, balanced, and diverse armies and navies.

The Seleucids will be available as a free playable faction after the game's release.