Killzone: Mercenary to Unlock Three Challenge Modes After a Standard Play-Through

Killzone: Mercenary will encourage multiple play-throughs with three challenge modes…

Just last week, Guerilla Cambridge blew the lid off Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita by revealing a  new trailer and even its release date.

In an interview on the Offical PlayStation Blog, lead developer Piers Jackson reveals a little bit more about the franchise's first outing on the PlayStation Vita. While we already know that there will be nine missions that will take players 40-minutes to an hour to complete, what other incentives has the studio added to make sure players give it another ? As it turns out, each mission will have three different challenge modes that will encourage you to play each level differently.

When you first get to a level, there’s a standard play-through mode. Once you’ve completed that you’ll unlock three challenge modes – Covert, Precision and Demolition. Each challenge mode will dictate that you need to play the level in a different way. You may have gone in guns blazing first time, but if you take the Covert challenge you’ll need to be much more stealthy – you can fail it if you get detected.

Precision is usually about accuracy and how you’re taking out the enemy – headshots, melee kills, interrogations. There can also be a timed element to it. We also have gun challenges in there as well, so you may have to play the mission using a certain weapon.

Demolition is largely about exploding things, as you might expect! You’ll have additional requirements in the mission that you’ll need to destroy.

This is on top of the title's full-fledged competitive multiplayer, which will allow eight players to wreck havoc in six maps across three game modes.

While this is the first Killzone game not made by Guerilla themselves, it seems Guerilla Cambridge is on the right track in making a full-fledged Killzone experience on a handheld.

Killzone: Mercenary is set for a September 17 release exclusively for the PS Vita.