Stellar 2D Adventure Original Journey Graces Steam

Explore a mysterious planet in monochrome.

Hand-drawn adventure Original Journey is truly the kind of game where science and art collide. It’s pencilled backgrounds set the stage for a sci-fi mission across the mysterious Planet Shadow, where monstrous enemies are determined to stop you from saving your home world.

Developer Bonfire Entertainment joined the China Indie Arcade to showcase Original Journey at PAX East earlier this year. It shared the company of poetic RPG To The Moon, puzzle-platformer I and Me and DYING: Reborn. 

In Original Journey you control a rookie soldier who needs to retrieve an ancient artifact called the Origin Stone. To succeed, you’ll need to beef up your armour, upgrade your gear, and shred your enemies to bits in multiple procedurally generated levels. Gameplay promises the finest blend of greyscale ballistic tower-defence and mixes it up with racing, platforming, and even a touch of sharpshooting. The fate of the Ato, your people, rests in your hands.

Interested folks can grab a copy of Original Journey through Steam (PC, Mac) for $11.99 USD.

Original Journey will be arriving on Nintendo Switch in Q4 of this year, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions expected in the first quarter of next year.