Fictorum Unleashes its Magical RPG Claws on PC, GOG

Test your mettle.

Kickstarter-funded fantasy RPG Fictorum is finally available, and to celebrate, developer Scraping Bottom Games has released a launch trailer that captures some of the magic.

In addition to fully desctructible environments, Fictorum’s unique on the go spell-casting lets you augment magical attacks of ice, lightning and beyond after the spell’s been unleashed. Players are free to navigate through castles and villages at their own pace, shaping the procedurally generated journey that lies ahead. But at the core of it, you’re a wizard. An established ‘wizarding badass’ who needs to dominate bandits, inquisitors and deviant abominations all in the name of revenge.

Fictorum currently supports singleplayer only, though it certainly looks like the kind of game you could have a team-based blast with. A recent patch smoothed over the UI, enhanced event processing speed and fixed bugs and non-existent spell errors.

Those interested can pick up Fictorum through Steam and GOG today for $19.99 USD.