PS4 Report: Sony Developing Modular DualShock Move Controller

Sony patents a hybrid controller integrating both Move and DualShock controllers for its next generation console.

Hybrid DualShock Move Controller

Sony is developing a hybrid controller that combines the classic DualShock gamepad with the PS Move. Plans for the device came to light today when it was discovered that Sony had put together a patent for the controller. 

Patented as the "Hybrid Separable Motion Controller," it features a modular design which incorporates both the DualShock design, seen on both the PS2 and PS3, with the Move, and allows it to be broken apart by the player and used in many different ways. 

Illustrations within the patent (seen below the fold) show that the controller is made up of two separate portions which slot into each other. It is modular and can be reshaped into multiple configurations. It can be used as a regular controller, not unlike the existing DualShock 3, or reconfigured to become two separate Move sticks. Interestingly enough, the controller can also be configured as steering wheel. 

Details for the device show that both sticks are equipped with a magnetometer, accelerometer, and an embedded speaker. 

Interestingly, one of the illustrations shows that when the controller is split into two separate portions, each unit can be used as a hand in a first-person game.

Sony has yet to make any announcements for the device, but it's presumably being developed for the company's next generation PlayStation, which we're tentatively referring to as the PlayStation 4. It remains to be seen whether Sony will unveil the device as a core part of the next-generation console along with the PlayStation Move Camera.

It would make little sense for the developer to release a new console without also offering a new and improved controller that integrates all of its technologies.