Mirror’s Edge 2 in Development at DICE, Claims Swedish Dev

A developer formerly at DICE has claimed that Mirror’s Edge 2 is indeed in development at DICE.

Mirror's Edge 2

As we reported yesterday, DICE says it does not want to become known as a "Battlefield factory" responsible for churning out only Battlefield titles year after year. As a matter of fact, the studio has several other projects in development.

Ben Cousins, a former executive of the Battlefield franchise, took to Twitter today to confirm that the studio is indeed working on another game—Mirror's Edge 2.

"It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror's Edge 2 is in production at DICE," he wrote.

The publisher has declined to comment on his statement. It's not exactly official, but it's as close to a confirmation that fans of the original game are going to get—at least for now.

We wouldn't be too surprised—or displeased—if the studio came out and announced the game at the upcoming GDC next year, or even sooner at the Video Game Awards. Cross your fingers.