SimCity Release Delayed by a Month

The release of SimCity has been pushed back to March.


We've been informed that SimCity's release date has slipped by a month. Originally planned for release in February 2013, the game has since been moved back to March.

As of this time, EA has not made any announcements regarding the release date change-up, but the game is expected to see slightly more polish thanks to the added development time.

The city-building simulation is the fifth major game in the SimCity series and is the first to be built with EA Maxis' powerful GlassBox engine, which accurately simulates all of the game's underlying mechanics ranging from traffic flow to the spread of fire, panic, and smoke in the event of a disaster.

SimCity currently remains in closed beta for the Windows PC and will be released simultaneously on both Windows and Mac OSX platforms next year, on March 8.

You can read our hands-on preview of SimCity here.