Gears of War 4: Save Cash and Craft Rare Skins With Card Creation

On Xbox One & PC: Looking for the best weapon skins or characters but don’t want to spend real cash? Learn all about the Card Creation system here.


Microtransactions are a thing in Gears of War 4, but you don’t have to purchase anything — even if there’s something cosmetic you really want. The Card Creation system is an added layer of complexity to the multiplayer side of Gears that allows you to scrap unwanted cards, build up your scrap stockpile, and unlock exactly the cards you want. It isn’t too complicated, but if you’re curious to learn more about the system, we’ve got more info located below.

Just recently, the Gear Packs that you can purchase with real money, or that you can earn in-game, received a cost readjustment, going from 4000 credits to 3500 credits. The developers at The Coalition also raised the amount of credits you’ll earn for each completed round. They’re still configuring the payout system, trying to find the proper balance. We’re likely to experience more changes like this, but the Card Creation system itself is here to stay.

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How to Use the Card Creation System | Crafting Guide

Cards are a new system implemented in Gears of War 4 — there are three major card types: bounty cards, skill cards, and cosmetic cards.

  • Bounty Cards: These cards feature special challenges you can complete in Versus / Horde for credit rewards.
  • Skill Cards: These Horde-only cards can be equipped or upgraded by combining two identical cards. Each has a special skill or bonus.
  • Cosmetic Cards: These cards unlock characters, weapon skins, or emblems. These are cosmetic only.

Cards can be acquired two ways — by purchasing Gear Packs with real-world or in-game currency, or by scrapping unwanted cards and using “scrap” currency to unlock cards that you want.

There are four types of Gear Packs for sale. Here’s what you’ll get for each (and how much they cost):

Note: All Gear Pack cards rewarded are random.

  • Versus Booster Pack (400 credits / $0.99)
    • Contents:
      • 5 Versus Bounty Cards
  • Horde Booster Pack (400 credits / $0.99)
    • Contents:
      • 4 Horde Skill Cards
      • 1 Horde Bounty Card
  • Operations Pack (1000 credits / $1.99)
    • Contents:
      • 1 Cosmetic Card (May include characters, emblems, or weapon skins.)
      • 4 Bounty Cards
  • Elite Pack (3500 credits / $4.99)
    • Contents:
      • 5 Cosmetic Cards (1 Guaranteed Rare or Higher / May include characters, emblems, or weapon skins.)

That’s how you get cards, but the important part is that you can earn new cosmetic items or skill cards you want. Here’s how it works.

How to Get the Cards You Want

Note: Promotional crates, Beta crates, or pre-order crates CANNOT BE SCRAPPED.

In addition to credits, there is another multiplayer currency in Gears of War 4. This is called “scrap” — depending on the rarity of your card, you can scrap it and earn more scrap. The higher the rarity, the more scrap you’ll earn.

Every card can be crafted if you earn enough scrap. Build up a bank of scrap, then use the extra to get the cards you want.

  • Highlight an item in the Customization, Horde Skills, or Bounties menu — from here, you can access the Crafting menu.
  • In the Crafting menu, select a card you don’t want and destroy it to earn scrap. Scrap is the currency you’ll need to craft the cards you want.
  • Scrap is only used for Card Creation and cannot be purchased through microtransactions.

Rare cards require more scrap to create, but rare cards you don’t want will net you a higher scrap reward for destroying them. It’s pretty simple when you get right down to it, and you can scrap any cards you want — scrap bounties or horde skills and use the scrap to create cosmetic skins. You can mix and match types, or only unlock the stuff you want, getting rid of everything else.