Crysis 3 Enemy Combatants Guide | Cheat Sheet

All the enemies you’ll face in Crysis 3, with their strengths and weaknesses.

Crysis 3 Screenshot Enemies

Crysis 3 is a first person shooter, and naturally that means you'll have a variety of enemies to shoot with your guns. Unlike a few recent shooters we can think of, the enemies in Crysis 3 have cunning AI and are fully capable of working in packs to take on not only the player, but other opposing forces.

It's a three-way battle between Prophet, the CELL Corporation, and the Ceph (which is short for cephalopod) aliens who appear hell-bent on taking over the world—and it's entirely up to Prophet to stop them.

Crysis 3 Ceph


The CELL Corporation employs highly trained mercenaries, many of whom are ex-special forces. They come in four forms and work together in teams in the Liberty Dome. They engage in battle against hostile Ceph and remain on the prowl for Prophet.

You'll face four different forms of CELL units throughout the game, each of whom serves a specific purpose and is capable of performing special attacks. You'll want to watch out for those. Happy hunting!

CELL Trooper
Type: Infantry Unit
Weapon: Rapid Fire
Special: Frag Grenades
Tips: You'll want to watch out for their grenades. Engage at a distance if possible, or their rapid fire weapons will make short work of you. When at close range, enable maximum armor to deflect their bullets.

CELL Enforcer
Type: Support Unit
Weapon: Support
Special: Heavy Armor
Tips: Their armor's designed to take a beating, so you'll want to shoot them in the head. It's their weak spot.

CELL Marksman
Type: Sniper Unit
Weapon: Precision
Special: Ghillie Suit
Tips: Due to their Ghillie Suit, they can be hard to locate in the environment. Try not to get spotted—approach them silently and take them out at close range. If you're good with your aim, snipe them before they snipe you.

CELL Recon
Type: Scout Unit
Weapon: Assault
Special: EMP Grenades
Tips: Keep your distance from these guys, as their EMP Grenades will disable your nanosuit and leave you vulnerable to enemy fire. They aren't heavily armored, so just take em out.


Crysis 3 Cell

Ceph Grunt
Type: Infantry Unit
Weapon: Pinch Rifle
Special: Rapid Fire
Tips: Nothing to see here. They're just your basic grunt. Make short work of em.

Ceph Reaver Type: Assault Unit
Weapon: Punch Rifle
Special: Assault Mode
Tips: These guys pack a serious punch, so keep in cover when taking them on. Running out into the open is a quick way to die.

Ceph Stalker
Type: Shock Unit
Weapon: Blades
Special: Helmet Sensors
Tips: Due to their sensors, they can see you even when you're cloaked. Keep your distance and don't let them close in.

Ceph Scorcher
Type: Incinerator Drone
Weapon: Incinerator
Special: Carapace
Tips: Heavily armored and heavily armed, you'll want to keep your distance from their flamethrower. Explosives work best on them.

Ceph Shadow
Type: Long-Range Unit
Weapon: Bolt Sniper
Special: Anti-Material
Tips: Snipers. Close in and kill them before they spot you. They're usually found in good sniping spots, so don't let their weapon go to waste.

Ceph Spotter
Type: Scout Drone
Weapon: EMP Charge
Special: Advanced Sensors
Tips: They're a lot more annoying than your average CELL Recon. Kill them before they disable your nanosuit functions with their EMP Charge.