Play as Wesker in Lost Planet 2 and new SF IV character

Wesker in Lost Planet 2

Yes you read it correctly, you can play as Wesker in Lost Planet 2 the sequel to LP: Extreme Condition. But there is a catch, you can do that only if you pre-order the game from Gamestop in North America which will allow you to unlock Resident Evil’s most famous character, Albert Wesker, as an exclusive playable skin in Lost Planet 2. One more thing, players who take advantage of the pre-order bonus will get their hands on some additional firepower via a revolver added to their arsenal of weapons. A nimble yet extremely powerful firearm, the revolver will help players hone their “one shot kill” skills.
Here is the Pre-order link for Xbox 360; Pre-order link for PS3.
We bet Wesker won’t look good in front of those big scary ass monsters in LP 2 hurling one of his famous one liners.
Wesker: You are merely postponing the inevitable.
Big Scary Ass Monster: BAAAAH.
What about the rest of the world Capcom? Well, we expect this to be available as downloadable content soon after the game is released.

Chun li

Capcom has also revealed that they will be adding a new character to Super Street Fighter IV and have released a cropped image of Chun-Li catching some ink splatter from _____. Check back later to find out more on that.