Duke Nukem Website Has Countdown


If one were to go on over to the Duke Nukem website right now, you’d happen to see a COMING SOON countdown on the main page. The only clue that we’re able to get as to what it is, comes in the forms of a HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY banner splayed across the top of it. With that in mind, we can narrow down the possibilities a bit. The first Duke Nukem game came out back in 1991, however Duke Nukem 3D would fit the 20 year mark described here. This leads people to believe the news is connected to the possibility of a remaster for the game.

The last entry in the main series came out in 2011 with Duke Nukem Forever. It was a title stuck in development hell until it finally escaped onto the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Reception to the game was lukewarm at best, with people generally feeling let down by the whole experience. Maybe Gearbox is trying to recapture that lost thunder? We’ll have to wait and see.

Keep in touch with the website, Twitter, and Facebook for this Duke Nukem news, and we’ll find out what it is next week by September 2nd.