Konami Community Manager Speaks Out After Negative Metal Gear Survive Response

Konami, for plenty of gamers out there, has been tossed aside. Merely, a shell of what the company once was as it seemed Konami has exited console gaming. It was during this year’s Gamescom that Konami was back again hoping to claim their core gaming audience back with a new Metal Gear video game, the first to be developed after Hideo Kojima took his exit.

Unfortunately for Konami and fans of the Metal Gear franchise, the response was beyond negative. Metal Gear Survive feels as if it’s exiting the stealth gameplay mechanics that the series has been known for.

Essentially, Metal Gear Survive is upcoming co-op action-survival that follows the events upon Big Boss evacuating the besieged Mother Base. After his exit, a wormhole appears within the sky and takes the remaining soldiers to an alternate reality where the world is full of hostile zombies.

The trailer has been overwhelmed with dislikes online and it’s prompted the United State Konami community manager to speak up.  Robert Allan Peer took to Twitter and replied to a few questions, stating that he understands that people are upset but hopes that gamers will still give the game a chance.

With Metal Gear coming back to consoles once again, we’re curious to see if there is any other Konami IPs that will receive another console installment such as Silent Hill.