Significant Starcraft 2 Multiplayer Balance Changes Detailed


Starcraft II’s multiplayer mode for all three factions will undergo some big changes, according to Blizzard.¬†A balance test map is due out this week that will allow a hands-on look at all of these new changes.

Blizzard has outlined an overview of the changes for each faction. ¬†However, it is a possibility that none of these changes will be in the game as currently described. The outlined balance adjustments are just an “early preview” and there will be tweaking to these features as they’re tested over the next few months.

  • Terran: “For Terran, our primary focus is on improving the viability of Factory unit armies–popularly known as ‘Mech’ compositions. While the resource changes in Legacy of the Void have been working great overall, they did have a unique effect on the effectiveness of Mech play. Outside of very specific maps (such as Dusk Towers) it has been challenging for players to go Mech due to the difficulty in securing additional expansions. Because the resource changes have had such positive effects outside of Mech play, we wanted to make some changes to Mech to improve it across the different types of StarCraft II maps.”
  • Protoss: “Protoss has seen significant changes and improvements in Legacy of the Void, and with this update we have a few things we want to improve even further. For one, we’re aiming to make the race’s interactions with Terran Mech more interesting. We’d also like to increase the power of the Zealot in certain areas compared to Adepts or Stalkers, and also make some generally cool unit improvements.”
  • Zerg: “Zerg has had numerous new strategies since the launch of Legacy of the Void, yet there are definitely areas of potential improvement available. We want to take this opportunity to experiment with a heavy rebalance of the Swarm Host, a redesign on the Infestor and its abilities, and a rebalancing of the strength of different Zerg tech paths. This means there are changes to units in different tech options, as well as an adjustment to the Ravager that feels necessary, especially given the changes that we intend to make to the Siege Tank.”