Rumors: Specifics about Nintendo NX Console and Games

A NeoGAF thread focused on the Nintendo NX leaked new rumors surrounding details behind the upcoming console. They had a whole plethora of information to share, and we’ll go over it here piece by piece.


Going over what they shared a few days ago first.

The first big thing is remasters of Wii U titles. Games in the Zelda series and Smash Bros 4 were “100% confirmed” according to the post. Mario Maker and Splatoon only had a “50% confirmed” status based on the amount of player data that’s involved in the equation.

The second highly sourced rumor in the post stated that the NX would be more powerful than the PS4. They didn’t go into significant detail about this part, but they stated that the CPU, GPU, and RAM would all be stronger “by a noticeable amount”.

Today, the same person posted a follow-up post adding more information about the console.

The NX’s controller will have basic functions similar to what was seen in the Wii U’s gamepad. They say the controller can be “taken anywhere” and connect to the NX at home. The poster equated it to remote play built in to the console. They made it clear that this means there could still be a handheld system, but the controller wouldn’t meet the needs of a full handheld device.

Another rumor they had to share was that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is in development for the NX system. The poster named Next Level Games as the developer, stating that they were “big enough to do this and Federation Force at the same time”. The game was going to be for the Wii U, but the performance was disappointing on that system and the release date fell late in the Wii U’s life cycle. They included a Wii U employee’s stealth edited post as supporting evidence.

All of the above rumors were sourced by multiple people according to the NeoGAF user, but he also had several individually sourced rumors.

Most NX dev kits won’t be given out until a formal announcement for the console is made. The specs are nearly finalized, and the May update next month would be the final spec sheet. Game Developer MercurySteam already has a dev kit, however. They are developing a launch title to coincide with the release of the NX console.

Finally, they said there were plans for Final Fantasy XV to make it’s way to the console, along with “New IPs and lots of NX games in development”.