You Are Overburdened! Check Out This Propmaker’s Master Fallout Collection

Fallout 4 Props
Some fans play Fallout. Other fans live Fallout. What you see above is the collection of the very talented propsmaker behind Chunk-A-Nuke Props. This tremendous achievement in geekcraft¬† takes up an enormous amount of space, and artist LIBERTYprime recently rearranged their basement to better accommodate all the glorious Fallout themed items. While a few items are official merchandise or 3D printed items, most are hand made. Just off the top of my head I can spot weapons like the Laser Pistol and a Gatling Laser and the Kremvh’s Tooth, a toaster, a lunchbox, consumable items like Nuka Cola and Sugar Bombs, a first aid kit, a Pip-Boy, Grognak’s Axe, Desert Ranger Combat Armor, Chems, ammo, a camera and and and… Just, wow. It boggles the mind.

Over on their Tumblr blog, LIBERTYprime posts information about the process behind each item and even takes the time to answer a few questions about how they’re made, saying most are made from common household items and were cheap to make, save for the T45d Power Armor, which cost about $100. They say that in the spirit of Fallout they try to remain as true to the theme as possible by mostly using inexpensive or scavenged items, and not dish out caps unless they have to. This greatly contributes to the appropriate “gently used tech” feel of Fallout and suits the props well. For a couple more photos check out the gallery below, but be sure to visit their Facebook and Tumblr for the full sets.

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