Call of Duty Elite Price and Content Revealed

cod elite

Activision has revealed a bunch of details regarding the controversial Call of Duty Elite subscription service which they announced will cost gamers around £34.99/$49.99 a year i.e slightly more than $4 a month. Activision has said many times in the past that they aren't trying to take anything away from their current system but Elite simply adds to the experience for fans who want to go a bit further.

We're not going to discuss the free stuff so let's dive straight into the paid elements of the service. The annual premium membership will include all the DLC which will be split up as monthly content and members of the service will be the ones to get it first. The new content will include multiplayer maps, Spec Ops maps and game modes. Paid members also get access to exclusive tournaments with live refrees and real-world prizes. Finally, players will receive eight times more storage to show off their best kills/plays on video plus access to professionally crafted strategy and analysis videos.

Then there's Elite TV, featuring premium episodic entertainment hosted by COD fans who happen to be top Hollywood talent and few other premium shows. Gamers who buy the hardened edition($99) for Modern Warfare 3 will be getting a year's subscription inside the box plus founder status.