Batman Arkham Knight To Have Seamless Maps

batman arkham knight

Rocksteady has done it again. Batman: Arkham Knight drops in less than a month, and it just keeps on getting better. They’ve thrown in the classic villains – minus the Joker, who died in the Arkham City installment – and a brand new one was created just for this game.  To sweeten the deal, they've thrown in a bunch of pre-order bonuses, like getting to play as Harley Quinn, the Red Hood story pack, and a prototype Batmobile. There’s also the Gotham’s Future skins pack that comes with your Steam pre-order, which includes the Batman Beyond and the Dark Knight Rises skins.

 We need to talk about that Batman Beyond skin. It seems like a lot of the characters in Arkham Knight have an armored look to them, and the Batman Beyond skin was given the same treatment. This is like no other version we’ve ever seen before, and it looks insanely cool. That is something we wouldn’t mind wearing, ourselves. Next up, the Dark Knight Returns skin. The version of this skin that we got in Arkham City looked pretty good, or at the very least, proportional. The Arkham Knight version looks a little off. He’s got a big body and a little head, and while it’s entirely possible to achieve similar proportions in real life, it’s not translating very well here. It still looks like it’d be fun to use, if you’re more focused on beating up the villains than how Batman looks. You don’t even have to play through the entire game to unlock the ability to change skin. Just pick one and run!

The best part of all of this, though, is probably the fact that Batman: Arkham Knight is going to have seamless maps, and you can just walk (or drive) to any point in the city. Walk through doors, ride elevators, and not a single loading screen will be in sight. There’ll also be thugs on the streets pretty much 24/7, so if you just feel like beating someone up, you can swoop down on them and do that, too. To add to the fun, Arkham Knight is also introducing dual-play, which allows you to team up with Nightwing, Robin, or Catwoman for kick-ass combos. You can switch between Bats or his allies to really get your fill.

With all of these updates – so close to the release date! – how’re you feeling about Batman: Arkham Knight? Do you think your expectations are going to be met? Let us know in the comments.