Yokai Watch Collaborations Revealed: Yokai Three Kingdoms and Yokai Watch Busters

EDIT: An earlier version of this article claims the Koei Tecmo collaboration with Level 5 was for a crossover with Dynasty Warriors. The article has been edited to correct that information.

Level 5 has revealed new collaborations with Nintendo and Koei Tecmo for their successful Yokai Watch franchise. Introducing Yokai Busters and Yokai Three Kingdoms.

As you may imagine, Yokai Sangokushi, translating toYokai Three Kingdoms, is a crossover between the Sangokushi/ Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Yokai Watch franchises. 

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is actually the parent series of the Dynasty Warriors series, and is a turn based grand strategy simulation/wargame franchise. The last game in the series, Sangokushi 12, released only in Japan, on PC, Wii U, and PS3.

While this franchise did not take off in the West the same way Dynasty Warriors did, with the renewed interest in strategy games in the West, there may be incentive for Level 5 to bring it stateside. Level 5 has not yet announced any platforms for the game.

Nintendo and Level 5, in fact, are expanding their business association with Yokai Watch. Of course, the first Yokai Watch games are expected to release for the 3DS. Level 5 has now confirmed that Nintendo is their official partner to bring their games to the West, and the franchise publisher.

This not only helps Level 5 in bringing over the original Yokai Watch games, but also with their latest 3DS game, Yokai Watch Busters. The game is clearly their parody of the Ghostbusters, with an enemy ghost reminiscent of the Marshmallow Man.

There will be two versions of Yokai Watch Busters, and it will let you play with all of the game’s Yokai. There will also be 25 boss Yokai to take on.

This comes along a slew of other Yokai Watch related announcements, including two mobile apps, a Universal studios Japan amusement ride, and even a toyline for the West to be manufactured by Hasbro.

Yokai Watch is a longtime coming, but it looks like Level 5 will be trying very hard to make it the breakout success it is in Japan. Are you looking forward to the Yokai invasion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.