Grand Theft Auto V Trailer for PS5 is Getting Flooded with YouTube Dislikes

During the recent PlayStation Showcase event, we got a trailer for Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 5, which showed that the game would not be released for the next-gen console this year but would be delayed to 2022. Now that trailer is getting absolutely bombed with dislikes on YouTube, with the comments being filled with users upset at this trailer — though perhaps not for the reasons most people might think.

At first, it might seem like the upset is coming from the fact that the game is delayed. It was supposed to launch sometime this year but is being pushed to March 2022. However, it doesn’t seem to be the delay that has users so angry. After all, it’s hardly the first game to be delayed during the pandemic. Instead, the dislikes seem to come from two sources. On the one hand, gamers are questioning whether the game has been improved enough to warrant a full-on retail release.

The other main source of hatred for the trailer seems to come from the fact that Rockstar is rereleasing the game at all. This will be the third generation of consoles on which the game has launched, and gamers appear to be getting a little sick of it — even the greatest game can wear out its welcome after eight years of being constantly pushed on gamers. The trailer promises “Seamless character switching, explosive action, and much more” all things that were pretty much existent in the game already when it launched originally.

The gist of it all seems to be that gamers are fed up with Rockstar releasing the same game so many times, to the point where Skyrim’s release figures look sober and conservative by comparison. Gamers would prefer to see a new game from Rockstar, or at least some quality improvements on the PS5 GTA release that would warrant a new version of the game coming out.