GeForce Now Unlocked List Reveals Several Unannounced Sony Exclusives Supposedly Coming To PC [UPDATE]


A statement provided by Nvidia to WCCFTech confirms that the list is legitimate and are speculative titles. This is a list made for internal tracking and testing. None of the titles that are unannounced are confirmed at the moment.

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There’s been a movement lately for the video game industry. We’re starting to see a trend of services pop up, such as cloud gaming. Rather than ensuring your hardware can run a specific video game title or have enough storage to keep it on your drives, there’s a new alternative. Players can stream the games through online services such as Xbox Game Pass or GeForce Now. Each service provides something different such as GeForce Now relying on players having a purchased copy of the game. If the game is supported through the service, players can stream the game.

This is an easy way to play games without having to use your resources or ensure that your PC is capable of running the game. Recently, The Medium’s Ighor July was able to obtain a list of titles capable of running through the GeForce Now client. Upon receiving this list of games, Ighor July alerted followers online in which we’ve seen the list circulate through Reddit. The different video game titles that have yet to be officially announced have fans excited over this list.

For instance, there is a long list of PlayStation exclusives has yet to be unveiled for the PC platform. The likes of Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Returnal, Horizon Forbidden West, to Sackboy: A Big Adventure. There are even more video games than that, although not all the past exclusives are listed. Some notable omissions are Marvel’s Spider-Man and Bloodborne.

That list going around also doesn’t specifically account for just Sony exclusives either. There are also titles such as the Grand Theft Auto remastered editions we’ve seen rumored online. Likewise you’ll also find Halo 5: Guardians and even Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall, a third installment to the Injustice franchise we’re waiting to see officially unveiled. These games are rumored to come out on PC as we don’t have any official statements quite yet. This list could be titles that GeForce Now is hopeful of seeing available for their service. For now, we have to label these PC releases as rumors for now.


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