Clockwork Empires Alpha Update Adds Mac and Linux Support, Bandit Attacks

Gaslamp Games has rolled out the "Bandit Raid on 'Fightin' Vicar Zedock Woodburn's Frontier Chapel" for the Clockwork Empires Steam Early Access alpha.

The update, as the name suggests, introduces bandit attacks to the steampunk colony builder game, as well as Mac and Linux support, churches, vicars, and "adorable land dragons". 

You'll also be able to give standing production orders in your colony, which means you can task colonists to ensure you always have five planks available for instance. 

The patch also fixes a range of issues, including memory leaks and colonists hunting far away animals (unless they're specifically instructed to do so by the player). 

At the moment, Clockwork Empires is more than 80 per cent done, and players have access to just over 50 per cent of game progress. You can read our recent interview with Gaslamp Games' Nicholas Vining here