Alicia Vikander Is Still Interested In A Tomb Raider Sequel

Video game movie and television show adaptations have gotten quite a bit better over the years. Initially, these films were a bit of a parody and failed to really capture an audience. However, fans have grown to be excited over the upcoming productions. For instance, a 2018 Tomb Raider film has been leaving fans wondering when a sequel is coming. If you recall, we got a reboot to the Tomb Raider franchise after the 2000s run with Angelina Jolie. Actress Alicia Vikander took on the role of the heroine Laura Croft, and she’s up to step into the character role again. 

We likely don’t have to explain what happened here. Thanks to the pandemic plenty of delays happened. As a result, productions halted, and it left films like the sequel to Tomb Raider in limbo. Now that productions have picked back up, it looks like we can continue our anticipation for the next Tomb Raider. Recently Alicia Vikander had spoken to Collider about the potential sequel.

Pre-COVID, I would’ve said yes. And now I think it’s a yes still. It’s not greenlit, but the script is in the making, and I think everyone is excited and I would love to revisit Lara again.

Alicia Vikander

While pre-covid things would have been different, the actress noted that she still thinks a sequel could happen. Currently, the script is still a work in progress status. So we’re left waiting just like the actress to see the fate of the upcoming Tomb Raider production. If you don’t recall, Misha Green, who created the series Lovecraft Country, had stepped in to be both the director and writer for the film. Right now, it looks like we are waiting for Misha to wrap up on the script.

In fact, we had a working title for the sequel Misha is working on called Tomb Raider: Obsidian. This is not the only production we’re waiting to see more about. We have films like the new Resident Evil Reboot and the Uncharted prequel. Likewise, there are shows such as The Last of Us and Halo. Hopefully, throughout this year, we’ll get more details regarding all of these upcoming productions.