Splitgate Forced To Delay Launch Due To Overwhelming Popularity

Splitgate is an FPS that has been around since 2019. Most will find the game is quite a bit like Halo and Portal. You have a futuristic setting with plenty of gunplay like Halo. Meanwhile, players can create different wormholes around the map like Portal. This makes the game fast-paced, as you can quickly zip around the map with these different portals. However, if you were hoping to dive into this game on consoles today, then you’re out of luck.

Currently, Splitgate had been available on PC since 2019. Although, console platforms was suppose to receive the game today. Unfortunately, the development team over at 1047 Games was not anticipating the game being as popular as it was. Turns out their servers just can’t handle the number of players trying to log in and play the game.

It looks like over 2 million players were trying to get on the servers during the beta period. Unfortunately, the servers can only handle 65,536 concurrent players, forcing the developers to delay the game launch. This is a nice problem to have for a developer as it’s clear players are wanting to go through this game. Now the focus is upgrading the servers to allow players to log on without queue limitations. The good news is that we can expect this game to hit the digital marketplace in August.

The bad news is that we don’t know just when in August to expect these games. Still, at some point next month, we’ll finally get a chance to dive into this game on console. To further break it down, Splitgate’s console debut next month will hit PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. As mentioned, PC players have been gaining access to this game since 2019, so all that’s left is Nintendo Switch. Although, it doesn’t look like Nintendo Switch is planned at this point.