Metal Gear Online Makes A Comeback Through Emulation Servers

Konami has been a big player in the video game industry for years but that has dwindled. While fans have been hopeful that Konami would make a resurgence in game development, several of the IPs they have been waiting for to come back out has yet to receive any official announcement. That hasn’t stopped fans from rumoring about certain IPs from making a return like the incredibly popular psychological horror franchise Silent Hill. While Konami has unveiled a new Contra mobile game along with a brand new title called Crimesight, other fans are left waiting on their favorite series to get a revival.

For one group, there wasn’t any more effort being placed on waiting for Konami and instead, they jumped to action. It looks like some fans were able to bring back Metal Gear Online through custom services on PC. The game was a multiplayer title where up to sixteen players would go through different combat and objectives. Unfortunately for fans who enjoyed the game when it was available through PlayStation 3, the title found their servers shut down in 2012. With that said, the custom servers are quickly picking up steam online.

Emulation is a grey area and we’re not here to get into the legal matter, but if you’re wanting to play Metal Gear Online again then you’ll have to go through an emulator. While again we won’t get into the middle of if it’s right or wrong, emulators have proven to be popular with gamers who want to play a title that’s simply not available on modern hardware or might never receive a new release. Regardless, the emulator you’ll need is RPCS3 which will emulate the PlayStation 3 platform.

Through this emulation, players can play Metal Gear Online 2 with other players. That might help bring a resurgence to the fan base community, but there’s no telling just what Konami’s official plans are for the IP or if they’ll attempt to get this game offline. At the very least, it looks like there was quite a demand from fans to enjoy this game for so many players to go through the process of getting it back up and running unofficially. 

Source: PCGamesN