George R.R. Martin Says He Finished His Work For Elden Ring Years Ago

Easily one of the more anticipated video games coming out in 2022 is Elden Ring. This title has a massive fan base already thanks to FromSoftware’s previous works. Fans enjoy the Souls franchise and having another challenging game set in a dark world is something that will be quite easily a big seller when it does release. With that said, there was one attribute that had fans a bit curious and it was the fact that FromSoftware had legendary author, George R.R. Martin is working on this game as well.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, George R.R. Martin brought out the series A Song of Ice and Fire which sparked the HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones. This author has made quite a big impact around the world with his creations so it’s not surprising to see FromSoftware. We’ve since known that the author was brought into the video game project to bring out some world-building for the title.

This was less of crafting up a storyline but building up the lore and basis in which Elden Ring would be set within. Now that the game was featured during E3 2021, it was a project that came back up to George R.R. Martin during his time on the Chicago network WTTW News. Naturally, being a project that he worked on and would be coming out shortly, George R.R. Martin was asked about the game.

According to the author, writing for a game was quite different but he expressed that his job was building up the foundation essential for the in-game world. From there, the studio took over and was able to craft their game in the world that George R.R. Martin established. The author finished his work several years ago and made note that from time to time, the development studio would offer updates on the project to showcase designs and creations they have made. Although, it looks like the author is just as curious to see how the game was crafted up when it launches into the marketplace.

Source: PC Gamer, WTTW