Back 4 Blood Will Require An Online Connection

There is a massive fan base when it comes to zombie games and over the years we’ve seen a plethora of incredible video game titles to enjoy. However, if you’re after something more aimed at cooperative gameplay then you might find one particular series that continues to pop up for fans to enjoy and that’s of course Left 4 Dead. This franchise has two mainline installments and despite fans continuing to play these games long after they were released, there hasn’t been much support offered by Valve to keep the IP going.

Thankfully, the original developers behind Left 4 Dead are picking up the slack with their spiritual successor. Back 4 Blood will offer the same kind of gameplay experience that you might have been interested in. This includes four-player cooperative gameplay support as you gun down the variety of zombie monsters that pop up throughout the levels. We know that the studio is looking to expand on the gameplay from their time with Left 4 Dead so you can expect even more content. This could be more varied enemies, characters, story, and just bigger levels themselves. 

We are getting this game in October but there might be one issue to hold players up. It was recently unveiled that Back 4 Blood won’t feature an offline mode. Instead, you’ll need an internet connection at launch. This news comes from a Twitter user reaching out to Turtle Rock Studios asking if they could play offline with AI teammates. According to Turtle Rock Studios, they are looking into ways that they can support online gameplay in the future, but as of right now, when the game launches you will need an internet connection.

With that said, you can play solo with AI teammates helping you out. The only hurdle you might need to deal with is having an internet connection to run the game. Perhaps this won’t be an issue for long when the game does launch into the marketplace, but that might sway some players from picking the game up when it hits the market on October 12, 2021. 

Source: Twitter