Sony PlayStation Is Still Early Into Planning PC Game Releases

For several decades gaming exclusives where pretty straightforward. If you wanted to play Xbox titles you need the latest Xbox console, the same goes for consoles and exclusives by Nintendo and Sony. However, things started to shift around over the past few years. Microsoft started to embrace the PC platform and with it came the announcement that all Xbox exclusives would also be available through the PC platform. This was great news for PC gamers and it gave them plenty of new content to enjoy. 

A few years later Sony made the surprise reveal that they too would be diving into the PC platform. Although they are far from the level of PC gaming when compared to top Microsoft as their exclusives are very slowly coming out to the PC platform. As it stands right now, we only have two new Sony PlayStation 4 exclusives that have made their way onto PC which are Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. Both titles were rather beloved on the PlayStation 4 console and now they can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, was recently interviewed on the official PlayStation Blog. It was here that the question of PC gaming came up. According to Hermen, Sony is still early on in its planning for the PC platform. While they have seen firsthand how well Horizon Zero Dawn has become with the PC platform and now that Days Gone is readily available, it may show that there is a strong audience of gamers out there that would be interested in diving into these new video game experiences. 

While Sony is still trying to figure out PC gaming, Microsoft has continued to innovate the way that players are given access to video games. With the Xbox Game Pass subscription service those on Xbox console and PC platforms could pay a monthly to an annual fee and be given access to a large catalog of games. Additionally, they are diving into streaming with xCloud being a means to allow players the ability to simply stream a video game rather than downloading, installing, and ensuring your hardware is compatible to play the game as intended by the development studio. 

Source: PlayStation Blog