DOOM: Here’s Everything We Know About Id Software’s New FPS

The hype is real. Doom 4 is real. Except… it’s not called Doom 4. It’s called simply “DOOM” and it’s just been announced at QuakeCon 2014 today, with id Software showing off first footage of the game.

As I write this piece, only attendees of QuakeCon have been lucky enough to see footage. There is no streaming, trailers, or anything of the sort—publisher Bethesda and developer id Software are keeping the whole thing under tight wraps and the only way you’re going to know anything about the game is through tweets from those attending the event.

Here’s our friend Dave Oshry with a few tweets describing the experience.

According to Oshry’s tweets, the game is being played on a ‘beast’ of a PC at the event, and will be getting released on new-gen consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in addition to the PC.

The game is set on Mars, the UAC is involved, and there are shotguns. The game is also played old-school style, in that there’s no regenerating health or hiding behind cover to let your health regenerate.

Additionally, the game will be running on id Tech 6, a brand new engine built for the game. It's capable of running at 1080p and 60fps on new-gen consoles.

And here's more of Oshry with gameplay details: