Animal Crossing’s Build-A-Bear Collection Launches April 6

Get ready, Animal Crossing fans: With little warning and a tight deadline, Build-A-Bear announced that its Animal Crossing collection would go live on April 6, meaning that fans who want to get their hands on had better get ready because the window to purchase them will be short and is going to go by quickly.

In case you hadn’t heard, Nintendo and Build-A-Bear announced their partnership last month. It didn’t give us a time frame on when to expect the collection, and even the anniversary passed without an update. Now, all of a sudden, we know the queue for the products will open tomorrow and the people who want the plushies (and undoubtedly the people who want to sell them on eBay for huge markups) will have to hustle in order to have even a chance to buy them.

Build-A-Bear reports that fans who get in line will be able to buy from the collection strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. We don’t have any prices except the company’s other collections to go buy, so I guess just pull out your credit cards and hope for the best. Users who join the virtual waiting room will be randomly assigned a place and will be notified when their turn arrives, upon which time they will be able to see the collection and (one presumes), pick out the plushie of their choice.

The thing is, we still don’t know what the Build-A-Bears will look like, and which characters will be represented in the collection. I fully expect to see Isabelle and the Nooks there, but who else? I swear, if I can get my hands on a fluffy Raymond or Audie, I’m going to do it — not even sorry about it. To anyone who misses their chance, according to the Build-a-Bear FAQs, the collection will be available for purchase at the Workshop in summer.

Source: Twitter