Deep Silver Plays Off Dying Light 2 Reference Of Dead Island 2

For years now fans have been waiting for two open-world zombie game sequels. We knew long ago that both Dying Light and Dead Island were getting a sequel treatment but it’s been a long wait as to when we’re going to have these games. After so many comments and references to both games being stuck in development hell, the team behind Dying Light 2, Techland, opted to give fans a quick little update.

Now the update didn’t provide very much in terms of new content. What the studio was doing is offering fans reassurance that Dying Light 2 was still in development and was slated to launch into the marketplace later this year. Unfortunately, it’s been a waiting game since as we’re left with no indication as to when Dying Light 2 will be launching within 2021. However, that’s more than what the development team can say about Dead Island 2.

In fact, during the video upload Techland put out online, the studio referred to Dead Island 2. That particular game hasn’t seen any update outside of a leaked old game build. Now fans who are wondering if Deep Silver, the publishers behind Dead Island 2 may offer some kind of an update as well. Fortunately, Deep Silver did bring out a message on their official Twitter account, but again, don’t expect anything here in terms of new updates or official release dates.

Instead, Deep Silver sent out a meme stating that they know when Dead Island 2 is coming out but that can’t tell us yet. At this point, we’re years into the development cycle for Dead Island 2 and right now there’s been no news. Hopefully, we’ll hear something as there are fans who really enjoyed the first installment and wouldn’t mind a title to continue with this IP but at the moment, we’ll just have to wait and see what Deep Silver reveals.

Source: Twitter